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Please Restrict Posts to Content on the Preview Servers!

ambisinisterrambisinisterr Member, Neverwinter Moderator Posts: 10,462 Community Moderator

The preview sub-forums are for preview content only. This applies to both content on Neverwinter Preview and Owlbear servers. Anything on the Dragon or Drider shards is considered live content and should be posted in the relevant forums for live content.

Additionally, when posting to Official Feedback Sticky Topics, please reserve your feedback until you've properly tested such in full. Feedback based on untested speculation or interpretation in the Official Feedback Stickies will be removed.

Any thread found to be inappropriately placed in the preview section will be moved to its appropriate section in the live content forums without further notice to the poster.

Also, it is to be understood that any content offered on the preview server is considered to be unfinished/unreleased content that may or may not be offered on the Live servers.

Thank you for your cooperation.
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