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Best enchants/runestones for the angel of protection?

nathanjmnathanjm Member Posts: 103 Arc User
Just reached 360 ardent coins, and got the angel of protection as an upgrade to my medic companion (Acolyte of Kelemvor). When reading the descriptions, I'm not sure what enchants/runestones to stack on the angel. I've got at least 2 usable companion equipment items that give +10% healing, that seems logical. If I stack more power, does that increase power? Any other stats to buff, or just put some on and use an Eldritch/lesser bonding? Thanks.


  • umscheumsche Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 461 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    They are the best enchants to use on a non-augment companion.

    And if you are a dps class, Acolyte of kelemvor is a better companion than angel. the angel's healing abilities are not that great.
  • lirithiellirithiel Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,482 Arc User
    With regards to the Acolyte of Kelemvor, what gear would you outfit her with? She needs Lifesteal for one to benefit from her abilities but what gear out there provides that stat?
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  • silverkeltsilverkelt Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4,235 Arc User
    Angel is good companion for certain classes..

    Otherwise I wouldn't use a healing comp , other then leveling purposes on non healing classes who dont want to waste time for pots.. and angel does great at that.. I wouldnt waste alot of resources outfitting it. Frankly I think some of mine are still level 1 waiting to upgrade.. =P.

    I have noticed that the alchemist directly heals the group, so when your doing a all dps run, pulling out 2-3 of these with 2k heals over and over.. really works wonders.. But thats more of just a fun to try thing more then anything else.
  • hypervoreianhypervoreian Member Posts: 1,036 Arc User
    Angel at level 35 gives you 5% DR,she intercepts major damage for 50% for 10 secs every 60 secs, and heals 6% of your hp every 2,5 secs.
    Hard to see any healing companion beating that.ofcourse as mentioned she does not benefit the party,just you.
  • qexoticqexotic Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 841 Arc User
    Bonding runestones aren't that good on the Angel as doesn't use her powers enough to trigger/proc them often enough to be reliably useful. I ended up equipping my Angels with one Bonding in the Offense slot and Eldritch in the two defense slots as that gave me the most reliable stat boost. She is good when you are out soloing for healing, though not the best. She was good enough for my needs though, so she is still my fallback companion for most situations. That little bit of extra survivability from her heals combined with her knack of pulling in the agro so I get less can prove very useful at times.
  • zibadawazibadawa Member Posts: 1,266 Arc User
    The pulling in the aggro is exactly why I run a leader/healer companion. Defenders are usually pathetic at getting and holding aggro, since almost all of them only ever use single-target threat generation. You have zero control over what they go after, so this amounts to being precisely useless when you're dealing with a pack of 5+ mobs. A single cure spell from the leader and suddenly everything around is going after it. And the healer withstands that aggro longer than the defender can because it runs away. Of course, sometimes that running away causes problems of its own, as the AI is stupid and tends to run headlong into *another* pack of mobs, and the mobs keep running away from my attacks, which might then hit nothing, etc.
  • nathanjmnathanjm Member Posts: 103 Arc User
    The runestones question has been answered. But, what to slot in my angel's "___ of the loyal commander" items is still a bit of a mystery to me. I've got 3x "___ of the loyal commander" items. Would slotting +power in the offense slots be best? Power+Critical strike? As to defense slots, should it be some combination of defense & deflect? Something else? I'm somewhat unsure if +power will give more heals, or if there's a fixed amount. Thanks.

    Also, this Angel replaced an Acolyte of Kelemvor. That acolyte spent a fair amount of time drawing aggro and playing dead on the floor. Also, that Acolyte didn't seem to give general healing -- I could finish a fight with say 50% health, and 30 seconds later, still seem to be at 50%. The angel, battlefield medic, and (white) healing companion all seemed to give a periodic supply of health. That's why I went with the angel.
  • nathanjmnathanjm Member Posts: 103 Arc User

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