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Want to help us test on our Preview shard?



  • maveth#6797 maveth Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited March 2019
    Sure, I want to help, but I have issue - my nvidia doesn't work correctly only on preview. When I want to try lowered version, its looks too poorly. I just wonder, what if it doesn't work when preview will become "official",
    can't I play?
    On Dragon server, my nvidia works as always, correctly, with no issues.

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  • cabar1cabar1 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 124 Arc User
    > @strumslinger said:
    > Head here: http://www.arcgames.com/en/my/character/copy/nw
    > Those are instructions on how to copy your character to Preview, which often gives you a hands-on approach to any new content before it's released to the public.


    You did not listen to the feedback you got! You thought you knew betrer.

    And, btw: the rubberbanding and lag was worse yesterday and today than it has been in months!!!!
    99 lines of code on the wall, 99 lines of code, add one line, compile it again....... 113 lines on code on the wall
    113 lines of code on the wall, 113 lines of code, rewrite one line, compile it again.......
    Wait For It
  • svendahlsvendahl Member Posts: 49 Arc User

    > @svendahl said:

    > I thought I WAS playing on the test server.

    you are, the test server for console

    And I don't even OWN a console, now I'm even MORE sad :(
  • easyas123#9321 easyas123 Member Posts: 20 Arc User
    I'm guessing this is a pre-launch thread... because I've been helping for the past several weeks... and will continue to (assuming you fix my ability to transmute my gear) ;)

  • huijianhuijian Member Posts: 73 Arc User
    why should anyone bother testing on preview shard when most the feedback is completely ignored?
  • hannibalsmith#0854 hannibalsmith Member Posts: 149 Arc User
    Aw c'mon guys. Didn't you ever have a job where the deadline is rushed and you do the best you can? They DO listen, the most serious issues are being addressed as we can see from patches. Let (s)he who performs their job perfectly cast the first stone. Those who don't work for a living - get a job and try it.
  • huijianhuijian Member Posts: 73 Arc User
    Actually surprised, even dare I say encouraged lately as some of the biggest issues we reported have been or are being addressed.
  • roadkill#6177 roadkill Member Posts: 534 Arc User
    edited November 2019
    Is there any reward for being a tester (other than attempting to make the game better)?
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  • roadkill#6177 roadkill Member Posts: 534 Arc User
    I guess not.
  • psychoticsatyrpsychoticsatyr Member Posts: 195 Arc User
    have you fixed the time to upgrade strongholds on the preview server? last one i did took full time and since all my characters got removed, i'm assuming my stronghold got deleted and i'm not going thru that again for test.
  • amarylliscandyamarylliscandy Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    Okay I have never considered being a tester because honestly I figured 'Meh there are likely so many folk trying to help with testing' Honestly at this point as much as we have had lows, we have been through some trouble shooting, we have seen some improvement/some amount of recovery lately on and off I have worried. I'm just glad we are still kicking.

    When it comes to testers are their any classes or class paths that are lacking for testing? The thing is I main a Paladin healer. I would like the paladin healing path to stay relevant or useful.
    • IF joining in on testing could possibly help Paladin healers or healers in general then I may be interested.
    I know healers get burned out, there is a demand and in the past its often ended up that people want specific healers. As a paladin healer it often feels we are simply on a small ledge unsure if we are about to fall at any time. If the Paladin's' healing becomes so weak that no one wants one in a dungeon or skirm then, something needs to counter this, buff/debuff, whatever would make the class useful or needed when running stuff.

    I mean it would be a shame considering the grind to build either a tank or healer Paladin...it's one of the more if not most expensive classes. It's a ton of grinding even if you have a lot of time. If the paladins heals become worthless and there is no counter to this, and the other players see no use for a paladin healer then my time is over.

    I leveled that toon as a healer years ago four or five years ago? I suffered though learning the game with this toon back before some campaigns got shortened. I remember leveling thru so so so many maps. Yet I stuck to this even in hard times. Only adding a tank load out for a bit pre mod 15? I didn't have much of a choice. Finding a healer or tank was often hard.


  • somveraasomveraa Member Posts: 38 Arc User
    No, pretty much no one wants to help you test your game for free, maybe, if you held mass testing events and actually fixed problems that go reported for multiple months/years at a time. No one thinks you listen to anything we post, so no one really wants to, even the hardcore folks are losing heart. Not get paid to get ignored? No thanks.
  • ghoulieboyghoulieboy Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited October 2021
    Edit: this is a wrong place to ask that question :p
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  • kalina311kalina311 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,082 Arc User
    necromancy !
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