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More importance to the other planes?

reiwulfreiwulf Member Posts: 2,687 Arc User
Anyone would like if we could have more content that revolves around the other planes of the world?
I know we had one module for the Feywild, and I loved because it felt different. Sadly we only got a small quest that included the shadowfell, which I think could be an awesome place to expand upon. They could even have the city of Gloomwrought to visit, I'd love to see it.gloomwrought.jpg
And what about the Feydark? I'd love to see something like that too. Too bad there was none of it in the module. (although the first map with all the infected animal and plants could be relatively close to it.

Woiuld you like to see more planes featured? At least we can work on them in the foundry. It's sad that with so much cool places we have available, the game itself doesn't really do them justice.
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