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Planeswalker Level is one level too low

I always thought 30 plus 30 is 60. But despite two Level 30 classes my planeswalker level is only 59.

The one Level difference appeared recently while leveling on my second class. Somewhere arround 11-15. (Last week or so)

Inbetween the difference disappeared for one day or so, only to appear again on the next level up.

Do i miss something here?


  • nath#9170 nath Posts: 14
    edited April 6

    I haven't unlocked a second class yet, but when you do, and it starts at level 1, do you immediately gain a planeswalker level?

    My guess is that you don't, so you actually only gain 29 more levels. I suppose it makes sense, but it's a little messy not having things line up.

    This really doesn't explain the difference only appearing recently though. 🤔

  • Update:

    I just discovered, that the character is shown as level 60 on the loading screen, while being shown as level59 ingame (under the portrait).

  • kitsu#3039 kitsu Posts: 18


    Just as nath pointed out you can only gain 29 levels with each additional class because your Planeswalker doesn't level up when you unlock a new class and that class is already level 1 at that point.

    On that matter I'm only guessing. You may have noticed that die Symbol in front of that number "60" is different to the Symbol in front of the Planeswalker level. It shows the selected class. My guess is that the number on the loading screen displays the unlocked class levels (meaning you have a total of 60 class levels) and not the Planeswalker level. If my guess is correct the number on your loading screen would remain 60 (unless you unlock a new class) even if you rise your Planeswalker level.


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