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  • Last logged in is going to be super annoying.
  • This, If the personal magnifiers can stay forever on the pts then the last played/mess maker can stay on the pts until it can be implemented properly.
  • please don't automatically sort my characters, I have the ones I play sorted to the center line while the miscellaneous characters are out on the right and left sides.
  • Opened 1624 swag bags for the large kneepads and got nothing of value, the amount of costumes and the rate they drop has gotten out of hand. Edit: 1864 swag bags now and that equates to just 27 costume pieces.
  • A noir aura in the Foxbat store would be awesome.
  • Looks like Ebon ruin had a stealth cost increase this patch and the dps does in no way reflect its new cost.
  • Dimensional collapse is still way to stingy at 11 seconds cd considering ebon ruins inbuilt delay after casting, not to mention that it becomes completely unviable on encounters like dino where AOE's can come in at any second.
  • I don't really care for the bloodmoon revamp and spent most of the time playing other games and reading until week three and four, Though four saw more play than three as killing doom lords just isn't as fun as running the train. I'll quickly sum up my take on the four weeks. First week was dull and uninteresting because…
  • Nimbus daily is bugged and won't show up after you kill her.
  • Toy master won't let us trade nightmare action figures for perks.
  • Suggestion: Any chance of having the curve that juts out on the backside of the Tech Pointed boots be moved to an attachment like the feathers on the feather mask? It takes away from the streamlined feel of the boots.
  • Lo! Glorious patch mistress has brought us gifts most bountiful. Same method as before. Rock 1. 211 Rock 2. 5 Rock 3. 425 Rock 4. 97 Rock 5. 67 Rock 6. 20 Rock 7. 1 Rock 8. 27 Rock 9. 1 Rock 10. 44 Rock 11. 28 Total kills. 926 The drop rate is much better now and it is greatly appreciated.
  • Okay, I have now collected 9 rocks during this event, I was only killing worm mobs to keep the numbers exact. Here are the numbers. Rock 1. 3025 Rock 2. 3275 Rock 3. 1972 Rock 4. 1346 Rock 5. 315 Rock 6. 147 Rock 7. 86 Rock 8. 1903 Rock 9. 770 total kills. 12839 I need a larger pool to gage the average drop rate, but this…
  • The average is set far to low for the amount of mobs available, I would average 3 blue rocks on a 100 stockings over the course of the christmas event while the purple ones at the time of writing is closer to 1 per every 3rd inventory filled with mob drops. I am at this time still adjusting the average number and is thus…
  • I prefer my dinosaurs to be up to date with the latest scientific understandings.
  • i support this train of thought a 100%, Getting tired of being booted on the starting line like the Gravitar alert.
  • The round belt buckle looks so sad.
  • I noticed that critter on the first day, it is always present on that one tower on the south-western side of the cult area if no one has gone near it or it will disappear for awhile. I like that random stuff like this is in the game, makes the world feel more alive.
  • Yeah, dropping the time feels like a better solution. I got killed by portal guardian and slug AOE through block whit a char whit more than 10k hp, The damage buff seems unwarranted on the AOE when it exists solely to check if you know how to block or not. All you need is one guy to troll at oub or someone that comes mid…
  • 17 April 2011. The first character I created is still my main.
  • Ok, another post. I did Teleios ascendant for the first time yesterday and had a ton of fun. Right off the bat I asked what bosses not to use Ebon Ruin on, these bosses are Gravitar, Medusa and Grond. Teleiosaurus was ok because her adds are worthless and Teleios himself was ok since his adds are so far away. Champions…
  • The interesting thing is that shadow friend jumped hearts and other non-targets when the prime target is the only one who has been taking damage for the last minute. I theorize that the non controllable pets attack what's on "their" center screen, like how the unedited tab targeting tabs for players. And since shadow…
  • I agree that that these encounters should give leeway for all pets that would rather do their own thing and that axing isn't something i generally support. This post was borne out of frustration of having to resort to spamming shadow blast for an entire encounter. I was also exposed to the erratic behaviour of shadow…
  • All this information, I feel as if I have stepped into a larger world. I shall try all of it out on the PTS... tomorrow. it's getting late in scandinavia. thank you both for the suggestions.
  • Thanks for the fast reply guys, really appreciate it. I've dabbled in DEX PSS on an inferno toon and was completely lost, any pointers on how to implement it in the darkness build? Would i need about 400 EGO to mitigate the energy issues if I swap?
  • https://gyazo.com/2d43e928663f7d14851058e6a49c6814 Here you go. I don't really know where the soft cap and hard cap's kicks inn.