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  • So since everybody's been so informative about status effects on Cosmics I have another 2... Does Overpower work on Cosmics? if so is it really -20% reduction? Can you confuse Cosmics by accident with Endbringer's Grasp?
  • Any idea with pets, can they apply it and can you consume it? Looks like I'll have a little testing to do
  • So thankful for the info all, another question since I am stuck away from pts to learn. Shadestorm consumes stacks of fear with Void fest to heal. I notice this when I attack groups what I am curious about is the word stack. How many fears …
  • Thanks flow, Another question, Excluding kiga, why are groups waiting for CC for the others 2 cosmics like ape and dino. If most Cosmics are immune to CC
  • (Quote) How is it a buff? I don't get stacks from multi target am I missing something? I use to get massive energy from this now its a trickle am I doing something wrong? By the way thank you spinny for the info why did they change it. It was v…
  • > @spinnytop said: > paradise1killer wrote: » > > I left for a few months and came back and I noticed the energy gain is a flat % now before I could disorent or hold then usa a aoe TK ability to damage and bam full energy bar now …
  • Did anyone get close to 24k crits with Dragon claw I tried this on test server with justice gear and I am getting no where close to this.. Has it been nerfed? I have way easier time with power armor getting 24k + consistantly but it has a set up…