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  • Most of the things listed here are all good. However, as for the change of character roster UI I can only ask this: "Why try to fix that which is not broken?" As said earlier, it is vehemently unwanted.
  • Here's a few I'd like to see that's already ingame: 1. Soda can drinking, from the Anniversary soda device. 2. Repair with hammer. (Standing and kneeling) 3. Science RnD with glass canisters. 4. Arms RnD with a rifle. And some new ones: 1. Reading newspaper 2. Checking social media on phone. (Might as well use the phone…
  • Big love to all you players, all champions and all our devs. <3 <3 <3 Starting back at 2011 as silver it was a rush just to make the first toon and exploring. When FF was made available to the wider public it just gave me more incentive to keep on going. My golden moment must be when I turned lifetime, as it opened up…
  • A common problem I have seen in Cybermind is that after people have entered the boss room, some don´t give a flying hoot as to where the team actually is and start the fight still. Perhaps a member of the team got dropped by the last mob and have to race back to the rest. Most of you know that if you get locked out early…
  • Welcome (or welcome back is perhaps more correct?), Leo. It´s good to see more people enjoying the creative aspects of CO. On behalf of the community, I bid you a warm welcome and good times ahead. The name´s Joakim and my handle is @M-dor ingame. =)
  • If I might add a suggestion to the upcoming Bloodmooon event, it would be to allow us access to hero tombs at any time of our choosing. When the event was up last year, there was a mission from Dweomer that tasked us with freeing ALL heroes in exchange for a substantial amount of Turakian Coins. Seemed simple enough right?…
  • I am inclined to agree this would be a much wanted QoL fix for everyone. By simply adding the common blue/greyed mask icon to all current and future non Z-Store unlockable powers, just like costumes would great. Should work, as I pursume it works by the same principle as unlocking costumes.
  • They really ought to add the little blue/greyed mask indicator for powers as well. I often find myself wondering if I have unlocked a power if I am not actively using it on a character.
  • Welcome back! Yeah, we´re still alive and kicking. There´s been a number of patches to condese the currencies, especially around events.
  • He he hahaha :D
  • I am so glad to see you say that. <3 Likewise, when I see your characters in any pug, I am certain I´ll be working with one of CO´s most competent and creative.
  • *LoZ item fanfare* You have recieved a Fish of Sterga! Thank you greatly for this token of acceptance. =)
  • @M-dor is the handle I go by.
  • Clearly, it seems to be a priority to "clean up" old alerts to some extent and this time its Forum Malvanums turn to drop it's pants. I am all for making the end boss of an alert more fluent in its purpose (powerbombing us), but it seems a lot of effort for little return as actually fighting Firewing is a rarity,…
  • The alert mission in question, RAID Array, is obtained by Socrates. Likely after finishing Intranet Deployment and the subsequent mission with Cyber Lord.