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The amusing moment picture thread!

agentnx5agentnx5 Posts: 1,999 Arc User
Figured I'd start something positive ^_^

Da Rulez:
  • Only 1 picture per post please (keeps bandwidth lower).
  • Has to be something from in-game (or it's off-topic), a screenshot basically
  • Don't break forum margins on the sides. It can be a tall image, but if it's too wide YOU are responsible for resizing it smaller to stay withing the margins. Got it?
  • Keep it reasonably clean. Use the forum rules as guidelines for what is ok and what's too profane or pornographic.
  • Funny or WTF?! moments preferred, please keep it on topic.

A story to explain what's going on would probably be awesome. :smile:

I'll start...


People in this image:

Alyssa Q'Uzixola, Nepht, Lee Tosi, Force Girl, and one other who's name I'm not remembering.

What happened?

Well, I was blasting my friends off the top of the building like human cannonballs and Force Girl happened to land funny. Landed on the edge of the building (I think it was Green Meany Sniping Machine's force cascade that did the knock in that case) and when she stood back up... there was a Foxbattlebot. Yes it is a real Foxbattlebot, just hanging out several hundred feet up checking the view. Who knows how long it was up there, or how the heck it got up there.

Anyways I look forward to seeing some of your own amusing moments. Hopefully some of you have ones better than mine. :smile:
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