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Champions needs Ingame GM's/Devs

ghost#7389 ghost Posts: 11 Arc User
I think the game needs ingame Gm's/Devs, as the Zone Chat gets more and more toxic every day and a lot of people get harassed for the look or concept of their characters.
The main problem - in my opinion - is, that those Trolls know that there is not really any kind of monitoring/supervision of the Chats.
Also writing a report ticket is basically useless - you get a message from Cryptic if you want to add something - otherwise the report will be closed.
I have several friends that were bullied ingame all the time, there are groups who are literally specialized on doing that, choosing targets and harassing them afterwards.
I also know at least 4 players who stopped playing the game because of such Trolls/Bullies.
And to make it clear - I'm not some SJW, Snowflake or something like that, I just don't want to read racist, facist (talking about genocides, KZ's for Furries for example) or downward insulting stuff in chats, only because those people know that there will be no consequences.
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