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Sidekick ideas

markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,715 Arc User
I was looking around Caprice and realized that not only are there a wide variety of hero-wannabe outfits, but some of them are pretty cool. I have no idea how much work would be required, but.... maybe the characters could be made into sidekicks?
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  • mastercontrol7mastercontrol7 Posts: 70 Arc User
    maybe a possible Support Sidekick?
    that would be nice or so, but never seen them use an existing character before. it would be nice they do that.
  • ealford1985ealford1985 Posts: 3,210 Arc User
    You lost me at “I was looking around Caprice...”
  • mastercontrol7mastercontrol7 Posts: 70 Arc User
    can i post my ideas for a sidekick here?
  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,715 Arc User
    Sure, pics of the costume would be nice. :D There's something like 2-dozen to choose from. :p

    Honestly I started out thinking it was a bad idea because the costumes in question are less cool than the costumes we see on lockbox sidekicks, but then I realized something.... that's LOCKBOX sidekicks. They show off the new lockbox costumes. For example, there's also Harley Davison... he uses a rather generic costume from a Cobra Lord NPC.

    Honestly I think the main reason this is unlikely to happen right now is that it's too much work for too little reward.
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  • mastercontrol7mastercontrol7 Posts: 70 Arc User
    Don "The Cameraman" Castle:


    BIO: Activist against Argent cruel and greedy nature,a long time ago one time he find a way to get inside Argent New Advance Tech HQ, find's they are working on a New Nanobot Bionic Enhancement, that allows the nano's to change and Enhance body part, however the change is permanent and can't be controlled unless a microchip is in-planted in the brain, that sometimes short circuit, that will lead to brain damage and memory loss, And Death, this is being seen by this as well recorded by Don Castle, but he later found out and captured, became the 5th subject to be Tested out of the 4 that had died, but this time, chip didn't malfunction, scientist Cheered, but Don soon came to realize he could utilize the Nanobot Bionic Enhancement to free himself from captivity, changes parts of his body to free himself and to escape, but soon to realize the parts of the body he change will never be the same again and will never look like himself again, he takes on a form of a camerahead robot, and made Videosite app know as WATCHER, he a man that records the truth and nonthing but the Truth,

    ability: to control machines and construct metal parts of any kind, regeneration of organic or metal tissue,

    Role: offensive support

    Image used
    DAYTONER / Daniel Hahn
  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,715 Arc User
    hmm... we actually have a camera face costume prop already. :p It's part of the Foxbattle Bot lineup. So it could use that. :D A tech based healer sidekick sounds like a nice idea.
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  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,715 Arc User
    New idea, make the Blood Moon ToT monsters as sidekicks.
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  • cptmillenniumcptmillennium Posts: 445 Arc User
    What I'd really like is the ability to customize my own sidekick the way I can create my own nemesis, and have "Summon Sidekick" bring it out as a controllable pet through an ultimate power selection. I realize we're way past that level of development effort, but I can dream...
    The poster formerly known as Lightwave!
  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,715 Arc User
    What I'd really like is the ability to customize my own sidekick the way I can create my own nemesis, and have "Summon Sidekick" bring it out as a controllable pet through an ultimate power selection. I realize we're way past that level of development effort, but I can dream...
    Recostuming sidekicks is more likely than a sidekick you actually choose powers for.
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  • horripilantehorripilante Posts: 151 Arc User
    edited October 19
    Retool some of the Lemuria mobs to make:

    A robot shark that fliesaround shooting lasers while also using bite attacks

    Same idea, but it uses ebon/dark attacks and also bites

    Also, Giant Hands as sidekicks.
    Around the size of the whole characters body, could count as one entity, or each hand as a separate entity

    Stone Hands
    Giant stone hands that use Might and Earth attacks (specially that shockwave attack from the might powerset)

    Robot Hands
    Huge Robot hands using Electric and Might attacks (specially that thunder handclap one), maybe some missiles too

    Knight Hands
    Abnormaly large Knight hands usingCelestial and Might powers

    Skeleton Hands/Claws
    Gargantuan skeleton hands using Feral swipes and casting dark magic

    And some weird/odd ones

    Floating Moai head
    A Large floating Moai head hovering over the ground, using sonic attacks and beams tha cause dimensional damage
    Only the mouth is slightly animated (open and closes)


    Completely normal skeleton
    A normal skeleton using single blade attacks (with a bone skin), throwing bones etc.
    Just standing near enemies has a chance to apply fear
    When it moves it does clackity noises
    When it remains idle it makes xylophone noises

    Old Wizard
    An old classic wizard.
    Flying aorund on a carpet or cloud.
    Uses a wand(like the ones from Demon members), casting elemental attacks, sometimes summons furniture that crushes enemies (can we get recycled furniture assets from NW? )
    Could say stuff like:
    "Its magic, i dont have to explain it"
    "Science is for wimps"


    Old Witch
    A classic looking witch
    Flying on the Halloween Broom back-piece with the hoverboard animation
    Cast hexxes , and summon black cats and bats that explode doing dark damage


    Plain and simple ninjas (maybe 2 or 3)
    Use dual blades and claws, throw shurikens and smoke bombs, maybe some MA moves.

    Levitating Psychic Octopus
    What it sounds like
    An octopus swimming across the air using telepathy & telekinesis powers


    Last two cause we have too much cats

    A Stone Cat (maybe like a sphinx)
    (larger than the player, at least maybe the size of the mechanon spider creature)
    Uses magical and earth powers besides those "cat attacks"

    Cat-Atomic (its a pun on catatonic, laugh now)
    Either a Robot or Irradiate-like cat
    Larger than the player.
    Uses some Radioactive powers and beams (if robot, maybe some micromunitions too)
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