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Your Opinion on Bloodmoon Event 2018



  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,915 Arc User
    xacchaeus wrote: »
    guyhumual wrote: »
    Personally I used to farm these events to get stuff to make new toons
    this right here... didn't have a concept for an aura "yet" but the option for a new alt down the line gave me the incentive to farm for it anyway... now the aura, or whatever is bound to the character that farmed it, thus I lose the incentive, and thus I have a hard time giving a rat's butt about events anymore...
    You still had the ability to farm BoE auras. :p how? Deathlord or Tako OM boss loot! I know because I got at least one.
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  • darqaura2darqaura2 Posts: 932 Arc User
    edited November 2018
    I pretty much sat out the event. (Took Spinny's advice before he even posted it. :p ) I had no interest after some of the changes, and my interest in events in general have never been all that great. Costumes have also never been that big of a thing for me. /shrug.

    Glad everyone else had fun though.
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