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Eldritch bolt color

Why is it different compared to its other power set?


  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 11,242 Arc User
    *shrugs* Its default hue is a bit off (ex. recoloring it red makes it show up as purple, green as yellow, etc). Not that it should matter much, as you ideally shouldn't be using an energy builder much (or at all)..
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  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,902 Arc User
    I've experimented with it a lot and well... some powers can't be recolored at all, and some can only be partially recolored. This is in the second category. the problem is that the magic runes don't recolor. the actual energy bolt DOES.
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  • deadman20deadman20 Posts: 1,528 Arc User
    Some of the Magic powers are two-toned. That's kinda why you see the runes floating away from the projectiles as a blue color when the power is set to be purple (about where it is by default). I do wish that the colors were either closer together or the entire effect take after a single color instead of the two-toned effect.​​
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  • nayaflask#5866 nayaflask Posts: 17 Arc User
    After getting prem I finally able to recolor it. I used yellow on it and the rest of my power red.

    The yellow bolts gives off red rune, and the rest of the powers in red gives off a yellow blast. whice works great together now :D
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