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Boomerang Build Advice

brfabeirasbrfabeiras Posts: 182 Arc User
edited June 2018 in Builds and Roles
I'm trying to create a boomerang build using Ricochet Throw and Throwing Blades as core, but I'm not sure if they're decent DPS powers. I don't want to top DPS cosmic runs, just want to make sure I hit the 100k DPS wall to get the rewards. Here's what I have so far:


I added Sonic Device and Toxic Nanites for a trick boomerang feeling, but I don't know if they're really useful.

@flowcyto any thoughts on this one? :)


  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 11,911 Arc User
    You'll prob want some ranged Slashing debuffs (ie. Armor Piercing, like from Frag Nade). Looking at base numbers, it seems like Throwing Blades has the better per-target dps of the two, though it has a shorter charge time and is quite higher in cost to spam. Either can function as single-target and AoE in one power, but the main drawback is that their sustained single-target dps isn't great in either case.

    I suppose to get better from both (and still including both), you could alternate between them w/ Avenger and Preemptive Strike (RThrow will set it up, Throwing Blades and Frag Nade will consume it). Sudden Strike procs from Throwing Blades can also boost dps a bit.


    Super Stats
    Level 6: Dexterity (Primary)
    Level 10: Intelligence (Secondary)
    Level 15: Constitution (Secondary)

    Level 1: The Specialist (Dex: 10, Con: 10, Int: 8, Rec: 10)
    Level 6: Covert Ops Training (Str: 3, Dex: 3, Con: 3, Int: 3)
    Level 9: Healthy Mind (Con: 5, Int: 5)
    Level 12: Acrobat (Dex: 5, Con: 5)
    Level 15: Coordinated (Dex: 5, Int: 5)
    Level 18: Quick Recovery (Con: 5, Rec: 5)
    Level 21: Negotiator (Int: 5, Rec: 5)

    Level 1: Boomerang Toss (advantages)
    Level 1: Ricochet Throw (Rank 2, Rank 3)
    Level 6: Concentration (advantages)
    Level 8: Night Warrior (Rank 2, Rank 3, Silent Running)
    Level 11: Conviction (Rank 2, Rank 3)
    Level 14: Molecular Self-Assembly
    Level 17: Frag Grenade (Cuts and Scrapes, Open Wound)
    Level 20: Throwing Blades (Rank 2, Rank 3)
    Level 23: Retaliation (Rank 2, Rank 3)
    Level 26: Resurgence (Rank 2)
    Level 29: Toxic Nanites (Rank 2, Rank 3)
    Level 32: Lock N Load (Rank 2)
    Level 35: Imbue (advantages)
    Level 38: Fiery Embrace (advantages)
    Adv. Points: 33/36

    Travel Powers
    Level 6:
    Level 35:

    Dexterity: Combat Training (2/3)
    Dexterity: Gear Utilization (3/3)
    Dexterity: Deadly Aim (3/3)
    Dexterity: Expose Weakness (2/2)
    Avenger: Ruthless (2/2)
    Avenger: Round 'em Up (3/3)
    Avenger: Offensive Expertise (2/2)
    Avenger: Preemptive Strike (3/3)
    Vindicator: Aggressive Stance (2/2)
    Vindicator: Merciless (3/3)
    Vindicator: Focused Strikes (2/3)
    Vindicator: Mass Destruction (3/3)
    Mastery: Dexterity Mastery (1/1)

    You could change up some of the later powers if you want. Stuff like Toxic Nanites isn't actually bad to have in (and/or maybe an Ult, pref w/ Overpower), but its up to you. Regardless, this version gears mostly for Int, w/ some Con and Dex.

    There's a few ways to vary the base build. Like taking Targeting Comp as the passive (won't have the Sneak bonuses for the attacks, namely, but its a good sustained dps alternative due to LockOn), using different EUs (Wild Thing via Frag nade + adv, or Chi Manip via charged Throwing Blades' Sudden Strike proc), and/or using diff SS setups (like Int PSS, or if using diff EUs).

    Although the single-target dps won't be stellar here, it will have some nice AoE potential even w/ its normal rotation (just make sure you aren't hitting targets that you don't intend to- you can tap-spam RThrow if you just want to hit one target).

    Also, just fyi, the flagging of these powers is a bit odd: RThrow's main-target hit is flagged as AoE, and its chain-target hits are single-target flagged. TBlades' flagging seems to only be single-target atm, no matter what.
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  • brfabeirasbrfabeiras Posts: 182 Arc User
    Thanks for the help, I'll give this version a try!

    I forgot about Frag Grenades, -15% debuff is really good :)
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