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Action figure suggestions (multiple figures, collecting rewards etc.)

n3lln3ll Posts: 21 Arc User
edited July 2016 in Suggestions Box
Hello guys!

As an action figure collector I've been thinking these already for a while. So my first suggestion would be to add slots to have another action figure in use simultaneously to zen store or any other store. I have been asking around in-game how would they feel like it and most have been postive at least if they would be able to use 2 or 3 figures simultaneously. Of course there would need to be some max. limit so that there wouldn't be people with 300+ figures simultaneously walking around and making people lag.. x'D I don't know how popular this would overall be to name the price since there are also lot of people who doesn't care at all about action figures. If it was cheap enough then again maybe more people would buy it just for fun... So maybe priced same 225 zen than Aura slots or little less?

Another idea would be give some kind of unique rewards for collecting figures like every 50th or 100th figure people collect. I would already like to get some unique extra action figure but to make collecting more interesting for other people as well, it might have to be something else. Like little boost to your stats? Like +2-5 primary superstat or so for example? Anyway nothing too major so it wouldn't give actual big benefits.

Last thing I'd like to ask is to make #2 Cursed Dragon action figure to drop again or obtainable somehow else. Recognition vendors maybe? It would be nice also if overall all figures from Recognition vendors would be BoE, so that people who farm recognitions could sell them to people like me who have money and want them but for a reason or another doesn't farm that much. This update would be awesome to all items on Recognition vendors in my opinion and would make market more alive. (sorry for going little offtopic there)

Oh and I almost forgot one idea. Make a counter for the figures please and make them again available in multiple lines so that you can scroll easier trough them all for example if you forgot the name of the figure you are looking for or just want to view and scroll through all of them.

Anyway I'd like to know what you guys think of these or if you have any other suggestions about action figures!^^


  • I like these ideas myself. In CoX you could get an action figure that would even attack the enemy for 1HP of damage, that would be a welcome addition to figures too just for thematic reasons.
  • jeeb51jeeb51 Posts: 58 Arc User
    HECK YEA... im for IDEA #2, the buff for collecting 50-100, id like to add to your idea where maybe make the AF's give a small buff to certian STATS or builds along with the having "multiple" AF's summoned (maybe 3-4 max)... say for instance youre a SOLDIER build, then having UNTIL, UNITY or such military based AF's summoned might give you a buff to range, damage or even give you an extra number of targets hit for a AoE (like if they made a set to collect)... i for one am a collector, i have always wished there was more of a "use" for our AF's other than visual... maybe even one day we may see a certian AURA or EFFECT unlocked for collecting/summoning certian AF's.
  • n3lln3ll Posts: 21 Arc User
    Ooh I like the idea of unlocking certain effect or aura! Also if each figure could not be given their own different buff, it could be that every 50 figures you collect you could choose the buff you want. For example if one has 150 figures, he could choose 3 times a buff something like this in very small scale:

    Buff table: +3 to primary superstat, +2 to secondary superstats, +2,5 defense, + 5 offense, + 5 crit chance, + 20 health

    With 150 figures one could choose 3x + 5 offense giving total of 15 offense or one could share it like 2x + 5 offense and 1x +5 crit chance.

    Or then 2nd variation that you simply could choose 1 of those buffs and every time you get that 50 more figures it would give more boost for example if health was chosen at 50 figures, when you hit 100 figures total it would automatically upgrade your buff from +20 health to +40 health. And if you feel like going different stats you could change that buff anytime when out of combat so if you feel you don't need more health you could chance it to something else.

    Also to this 2nd variation as jeeb mentioned something like increased number of targets could be one possible buff but imo it would affect so much more that it could be that you can unlock that option only after certain amount of figures. For example when you get 150 figures you could get 1 extra target and then at 250 figures 2 extra targets etc so it would be balanced with other buffs and one would not be superior over the others. Also that aura or effect thing mentioned could be something you get after certain amount of figures collected, for example after 200 figures you get bronze aura, 300 figures silver and 400 figures gold aura and naturally you can toggle it on or off if you don't want to use it or then it could be normal aura that goes to aura slot like other auras.

    (all the numbers of stats and figures required are just examples, it would need to be balanced so that it isn't too huge buff)
  • nbkxsnbkxs Posts: 661 Arc User
    Cursed dragon, and ripper both seem to be broken. The only 3 that I'm missing are those two, and #5(aside from skeleton boy which is basically impossible to get, and to my knowledge no one has ever gotten it). Maybe just fix the drops on them, or put them in a shop like the nemesis shop, to give those tokens value if you already have everything else. Maybe put ripper in the until shop for 975 until, that would make that rec worth something again.​​
  • pantagruel01pantagruel01 Posts: 6,808 Arc User
    nbkxs said:

    Cursed dragon, and ripper both seem to be broken. The only 3 that I'm missing are those two, and #5(aside from skeleton boy which is basically impossible to get, and to my knowledge no one has ever gotten it).​​

    The required perk has been achieved at least once, and possibly twice, but is probably impossible if you didn't start years ago. I don't know if the people who did it actually got the AF, though.
  • aesicaaesica Posts: 2,476 Arc User
    I just want to be able to assign my action figures to teams that can be used to fight against other action figure teams.​​
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  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,893 Arc User
    Oh? I'm curious now. What's required for those?
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  • pantagruel01pantagruel01 Posts: 6,808 Arc User
    edited January 2018

    Oh? I'm curious now. What's required for those?

    To get cursed dragon, you have to get cursed dragon to spawn in bunker buster (he only spawns if your nemesis spawns a full five villain team, and the volume that registers your team size is glitchy so even if you have a full team of allies he usually won't summon 5. It's possible that his drop table is also broken, but I haven't managed to even see him...).

    Ripper I believe is a drop from Aftershock (the scene where the Viper troops attempt to escape). I'm not sure exactly what is required, possibly defeating Ripper rather than destroying the transport.

    To get skeleton boy, you need to defeat 10,000 players in Zombie Apocalypse. Zombie Apocalypse no longer pops regularly, so you'd probably have to organize a farm team of people who are willing to die a lot (with a team of five and organized farming, you could probably finish it in twenty hours or so).
  • flyingfinnflyingfinn Posts: 8,173 Arc User
    edited January 2018
    Action figure of the players charater. 1 per character.
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  • chaosdrgnz43chaosdrgnz43 Posts: 1,645 Arc User
    I approve of AFs adding some sort of boost/s. It would make having them a lot more meaningful.
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