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  • And just like that the game we all loved is now gone. Goodbye RaiderZ and friends it was a very fun 2+ years!
  • I think anywhere after 7:00pm pacific standard time is good.
  • I have logged in every day for the past 30 days and still haven't received my 1000zen.
  • I did not, I forgot to. Next time i will get a screenshot though.
  • Yeah there should be a punishment for it, but sadly in this game you must report people yourself through the ticket system as there are no active GM's in game. However it was very obvious (at least to me) that is was fake. What server are you on? And your name? When the server comes back up, I can show you that it is easy…
  • If you could not tell, that was not a gm saying all that nonsense when the server was about to go offline for maintenance. It was a player simply doing this: [nameofplayer]: [GM]Raiderz]: server will shut down forever He just used enter to make it seem like it was someone else commenting, but all the front of his comment…