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  • you can also use adblock plus to hide categories if you have it installed.
  • that only applies to adults, but as far as i know, pwe games also draw in teenagers and even kids. kids usually don't fully understand the concepts of responsibility or self determination, those take time and experience to gain.
  • trolling? now you're just being insulting to me, chalking up everything you don't like hearing under trolling, especially when you run out of arguments. i suggest you learn what that word means.
  • i don't think it's possible to have subforum-specific filters. they're usually site wide. didn't know that part about germany.
  • on another topic, it looks like half of everyone's signatures doesn't appear in this topic, at least for me. i can see mine in this post, but my previous posts on this page don't have one. i also can't see gulberat's signature in any of his posts here for example, but they work in other topics. edit: it's gone now. was…
  • he may simply be banned as the profile suggests. maybe the software here hides all posts of a member who got banned, but it wasn't configured correctly and still allowed him to post.
  • this: sounds like passive agressive lashing out. repeatedly insulting and belittling the thing by calling it juvenile, insulting the hypothetical person who uses it by calling them insecure for absolutely no reason. that's not a neutral discussion, it's emotionally charged.
  • then block "hitler", i doubt anyone still has a last name like that these days, or will in the future. also block "sieg heil", just don't mangle normal first names.
  • why are you so angry about that? did you get ghost banned in the past and still feel resentment over it or something? besides, as the people above said, that kind of thing was never implemented anywhere, it was all a theoretic thing that never got completed and was forgotten. also i think i saw another weird case of…
  • you used to be able to change the view between all boards and personal boards and un-hide it from there, but it was removed a few days ago during the migration. who knows why.
  • adolf shouldn't matter. just because one bad guy had a name like that doesn't mean everyone on the planet with the same name should suffer for that. otherwise why aren't all josephs suffering for stalin's and mengele's atrocities? or vlads for lenin creating one of the worst regimes, only rivaled by adolf's one?
  • it's not juvenile at all. it enforces the "don't feed the troll" rule, while also preventing particularly nasty forum members who can easily go around normal, and even ip bans from spamming the forum. if they don't know they're banned, they think people finally saw through their trolling and started ignoring them, and…
  • the ghost ban was just an idea that was never implemented. i doubt it was actually put into effect, or if it was, it was half done, since in that case his name shouldn't even appear on the last poster list. it's not a bad thing either, you can use it to stop annoying people who can't be stopped with regular or even ip…
  • he just posted here, but i'm also not seeing his post. it's possible he's muted, his posts need moderator approval or he may even be ghost banned, although i doubt the last one, since that practice was never implemented into any forum software, and forum modifications for something like that were always abandoned as far as…
  • a dev tracker could just track specific members like before, rather than everyone within a specific member group. also, it seems i'm unable to post in the tribble release notes subforum. threads that exist used to be open for everyone to comment in. unless the change was intentional. don't think anything was mentioned…
  • same here. i have a long list of infractions of other people. over 960 messages, all sent by trendy, or to trendy (also smirk and even q, i see them on the left side too) in reply to those infractions i think. guess the forum messed up and grouped every single infraction message into one huge conversation, then made…