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  • I just tried to report/flag a threead in the STO forum. It says I don't have permission to do so... Contacted a mod via arcmail but this is a major issue.​​
  • @ladycrane I think this one is. You may use this URL: http://forum.arcgames.com/arc/discussion/comment/12700789#Comment_12700789 it's easier to use since it gets rid of the ARC overlay (thanks to @asterelle ). It will probably take time for someone …
  • (Quote) What is this magic? (Image) Regarding the new forums - this is bad for a number of reasons. The ARC overlay slows down loading, features ad-trackers, makes it impossible to distinguish forum tabs or bookmarks, comes with log-in issues - I…
  • Confirmed @sylenthunder , posting in perfectworld.vanillaforums does not appear in these forums here and vice versa. There seem to be two separate forums at this time. It is very confusing. Also, your signature is different in both... (Or you just c…
  • (Quote) Good points, I share those worries. Forcing the whole thing into framed arc pages would indeed be a little nightmare. I came clean with the forums once I discovered you can use perfectworld.vanillaforums.com URL and the custom forum extens…
  • STO has a client-side profanity filter which we can toggle. Would have been nice for the forum as well, but appearently this forum here, without any in-house options for users at all, is the "future".​​
  • Thank you very much for that adblock filter, it works like a charm (Image) I'm just not sure this is supposed to be a "bug". I would suspect they want you to use the arc page. While doing so, however, we users face a number of significan…
  • (Quote) The bolded part only states that names cannot be insulting. "Adolf" however is not an insult, it's a regular name (as quite a few elderly people still carrying that name, I think they would fight you on considering their name an i…
  • (Quote) I just wanted to point out that you are mistaken with "Adolph", at least regarding the original German (I indeed have no idea wether there's a different spelling in English but I have never seen anyone using the spelling "Ado…