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  • Let me remind PWE/ARC (Quote) Its hard to believe that MAIET would not sell that license if it knew they will bail out.So the only conclusion i can take from this is >> PWE/ARC lied us.
  • The drop rate was made by me "thesoulshaker" >> they were used using access to RaiderZ japan files. I did intend to do them for our version and also in the original forum thread i did shared the files of all the item names/drop rate…
  • Then don't say we need 1 week lol. How come all the other games have they're forum migrated and we don't? Eventually >> it is not the same if we have it done in 2 weeks or 2 months now is it? (Quote) I am almost certain they got a migration…
  • Yes if they would have mailed each char 3 Crystals then i would say nothing against it. And some people (most of them) will buy tons when crystals are cheap and resell the swimsuit or dyes for a lot more that they have invested in it to begin with.
  • (Quote) Exactly. (Quote) So they tried and decided to make them 1 crystal and see if another trick will do the job. You don't say you will do something if that goal is not doable.Why say we will make the price of those items 0 crystal since they n…
  • Yes exactly and to my self (and a normal thinking person) that is a discrimination. You don't advertise something as "free" and when you are ready to cash-out you have a surprise that you must pay something.(you go to a supermarket and th…
  • And let me guess you will use 5 or a certain amount of them and the rest you will sell once the event with 1 crystal ends and profit am i right? A lot might like it but just because something is what it is advertized for to be does not mean is good…
    in Finally Comment by SnowChild June 2015
  • The "free" compensation are the 1 crystal cs items on sale for 1 more week. Do you like that they gave you a "free" compensation that obvious is not free? And now some trolls will come and will say why am i not happy since i can …
  • That still doesn't change the fact it was supposed to be free.(Quote) Correct me if i am wrong but the cost of 1 crystal does not seem free anymore is it? And since some players might not want to buy crystals from others just to get those 3 cs item…
    in Finally Comment by SnowChild June 2015
  • (Quote) Funny how the notice said "it will be done by the end of the week".(that was last week) Call me crazy but isn't today already a new week?
  • In my opinion they should have mailed each character 3 crystal (Non-Tradable version) since that many items were supposed to be free and use them to buy those from the cs>> or mail each character a swimsuit and each of those dyes. But why not…
    in Finally Comment by SnowChild June 2015