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Borg TFO 'Cure Applied' (Advanced) Giant Mushroom stem blocking transformer

rimmarierimmarie Member Posts: 391 Arc User
As stated in title, part of the environment has shifted into the path and is covering one of the transformers thus preventing it from being activated

It is located at the 2nd group of transformers
covering the 3rd transformer in the group
I confirmed that every else in the group could see the stem and were blocked

TFO Cure Applied Advanced (via Random)


  • chrian#9670 chrian Member Posts: 229 Cryptic Developer
    Thanks for reporting the issue. We have currently internally filed a bug and passed it to the correct team to fix. Do let us know if you experience other issues.
  • dorkeyboydorkeyboy Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    the problem is its still on the random que list and Impossible to finish we are constantly getting leaver penalities everytime we get queued for this tfo
  • hiruliashirulias Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited May 19
    the same happend to us in the normal difficulty
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