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nitocris83 Community Manager

Please ensure that any messages left on my wall meet the forum rules/standards. Messages that don't will be removed.


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  • locrianol
    Sorry to bother you, but I've not had any luck with my "Access Denied" problem mentioned : https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter/#/discussion/1251063/unable-to-start-game-client-access-is-denied

    You asked if this was still happening, then never seen you chime in again. Any clue on anything I can do? Im loosing keys each day this goes on, so trying to get back fast as I can.

    Thx for your time.
    August 15
  • groovyshorts#3141
    Hi, an update on my magnificent glorious resurgence artifact pack issue, I sent them a link to your post saying exchange would be offered. They said what you write does not matter and they will not offer and exchange.
    August 6
  • groovyshorts#3141
    Hi, I was unfortunate to have the bug where i got glorious resurgence artifact packs instead of magnigicent glorious resurgence ones, I got 3! I have contacted support and they said its a bug and they can do nothing and said post on forums so developers can be aware in future etc... really not great and customercare just pass it off and want to do nothing.
    August 6
  • zimxero#8085
    RE: Tiamat mission timer bug post

    Time Run: 10:45pm --> 11:10pm Central (8:45 --> 9:10 Pacific)

    My team of 5 randoms (from Queue List):

    [email protected]#8085
    [email protected]#9418
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Zhan [email protected]

    In recalling the mission, I know we had a minute or a little more left to defeat the last dragon. Now, however, I am second guessing the secondary timer for the mission itself. I was only focused on the phase timer. If this bug report is in error, my apologies.
    August 5
  • coolgeek357
    Really appreciate the 5 minute warning when in the middle of a ME.
    July 27
    • coolgeek357
      Can we get a 10 minute count down for these, maybe lock out new logins when the first warning goes out?
  • coolgeek357
    Great stream on the new appearance feature.
    August 2
  • colos#7661
    Stronghold cleric companion extra 10% influence is not working ps4 . I put this in mod 16 launch week issues because it worked before mod 16. Two weeks later I put it in bug reports and still no response. So now almost a month later I am hoping this gets read and passed on to whoever can fix it please.
    July 31
  • agninja#6806
    I'm guessing the owl bear tool that can be used from your tool bar has not been fixed. Why does Cryptic continue to neglect the PvP aspect of Neverwinter? Not to mention the bugs where your buff encounter powers will actually buff your enemies. It seems that the developers lack the ability to playtest the game, prior to releasing any new mods. Maybe they just don't care.
    July 24
  • iknohrs1#8320
    I tried making aforum but this sire is slightly <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font>, PLEASE FIX HINDERING STRIKE goes onto to cooldown without doing ANY DAMAGE. you <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font>.
    July 30
  • nitocris83 earned the 250 Awesomes badge.
    You received 250 Awesomes. Looks like you're popular around these parts.
    July 29
  • blackwolftundra
    hi Nitocris83 can we not have a change to the Helm Of The Red Feather Clan while to the Martyr's Breastplate please but here a screen shot how I would like to see both items

    July 26
  • rangerreek
    Hi, Julia. First let me thank you for all the hard work you do for our community. On the behalf of the player base I would like to offer my sincerest apology for any misguided backlash you have received in your day to day activity. Keep up the great work!!
    I do have one thing to bring up regarding your post on the Content Creator Initiative. The opportunity is an amazing one, and while I am a small streamer I do have a loyal viewership. It was brought to my attention today that a few people who had put forth my channel in recommendation on the post no longer have their posts visible in the forums. This doesn't bother me as much as it bothers them. My name is in the ring and I hope to achieve that. If not, that is fine also. I just hope to avoid any ill feelings from a small group of gamers. I love Neverwinter and all it has to offer I just want to ensure that all voices are heard. Thank you for your time, and stay excellent!!
    Ranger Reek
    July 21
    • rangerreek
      Welp, I am a super derp. Meant that to be a message. Ah well, sentiment still stands!
  • superstevenshu
    hi please join neverwinter pvp discord with other devs like Ridi, we want to recruit more devs to interact with players sometimes, in order to gain more informative feedbacks. Thank you!
    July 20
  • zippysox72
    What is the wait period to post a topic? I can comment on posts but can't make a new post. My account was created in 2014 but it said I was new and had to wait to post.
    July 20
  • gazza#7193
    OK.How long????
    July 18
  • teamstephon
    since we haven't seen a class reroll token through out this game can we not have a chance at least to remove are legendary mounts and bought ones from are stable so we can at least save them and stick them in are shared bank account so when we delete are toon that they can still be taken out and remounted cause would like to see this in the game
    July 10
  • vortheredgod
    Just a quick question. During the Summer Promotional charge event, do players get the 4 Enchanted keys for 1000 Zen only one time or each time they buy 1000 Zen?
    June 29
    • vortheredgod
      Ok. After some digging into the forums (which I should have done before posting-sorry!) I found the pertinent information and answered my own question and now feel like an idiot. Keep up the great work you do for us every day.
  • bresaady
    June 26 patch notes:

    Items and Economy
    Duplicate rings have been removed from the Seals store in the Yawning Portal.

    This also removed the duplicate rings from the Seal of the Crown vendor in protectors enclave, which also removed the ability to buy astral diamonds with the Seal of the Crown. Was this intentional?
    June 29
  • kenni46rus#9742

    Hello. In the new update, owlbear and snow leopard satellites were repaired, but they do not work correctly, as described. The test showed that owlbear works with a chance of about 4-5% and works only from combat skills, but not all combat skills activate it. The test was held on a rogue class, the only combat skill that could be activated by this smoke bomb. The satellite snow leopard does not cause 30 % damage weapons, and in fact 10-12% damage weapons. I ask you to check the accuracy of these pets and fix the existing problems. These satellites are expensive, the purchase of these satellites cost me 1.5 kk astral diamonds. Regards from the Russian server.
    June 29
  • dlynn334
    Can we please get clarification on the below on this ?
    ""Terminus Expedition companion gear can now also drop from Master Expeditions."
    Does this include all epic companion gear pieces(Choke Chain of the Companion etc.) or just the Pearl Ring of the Companion ?
    Would this be considered a "non-class" drop so playing greens should increase the drop rate right ?
    Can these drop from bosses? If not, is it only a quest reward? Will it be included in Zox boxes?
    This issue affected many players who have patiently waited for a fix, yet we received such a vague description. Please elaborate. I have spoke with zone, guild, and players here and no one is seeing these drops..
    June 28