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PVP observations mod 12.5 (XBox one)

sh00termcl0vinsh00termcl0vin Member Posts: 260 Arc User
edited January 12 in PvP Discussion
I Haven't seen an Xbox one mod 12.5 PvP feedback thread yet so I'm making one. Here are my 2 cents regarding the new PvP changes. Feel free to add, agree, disagree with whatever:

1. TRs continue to be the class with the most burst damage (unavoidable) with shadow of demise, control, survivability and cc in PvP. The "Recovery" (30k plus recovery stat) or "perma cb" rogue can still drop smokebombs back to back while spamming encounter powers/dailies and controlling an entire node, while still being able to kill relatively fast. Also regarding smokebomb, having it add 1 stack per use means you will almost never become immune from one TR doing this. As a result smokebomb is and will continue to be the most overpowered cc effect in the game.

2. CC diminishing returns does not seem very uniform. Some control effects from items, enchants and boons do not seem to add stacks (thunderhead, curse ring, impenetrable jungle, etc), while others seem to add them too fast ( wizard control powers, trappers, etc). This either results in being CC immune really fast, or stunned for a solid 30 seconds unable to use a power. Initial CC is very strong which is fine, but imo system should be ironed out a little further.

3. Old school mod 5 feel returns with healing suppression and armor penetration suppression increases. Now you actually have to watch your health, use powers actively to survive, and make tactical retreats when needed. Overall a great job in this regard. Also removal of tenacity is a huge step forward in bringing new players to PvP.

4. Permanent solo q is great as well despite issues with players not playing and matchmaking issues with team balance. I'm not sure if anything can be done to fix this though because of low pvp player population.

5. Regarding solo q, certain classes are really strong when stacked on one side of a team, while others seem less so (not taking into account player skill). TRs, GFs, and OPs are tough to kill and can make a match lopsided when there are two on the same team. GWFs, SWs, CWs, and HRs have the opposite effect. DCs are kind of in the middle depending on what build they are (DPS or healing).

Overall though significantly better than last mod in regards to progress.


  • kalina311kalina311 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,058 Arc User
    edited January 12
    Have some premade people got more brave in attempting (not syncing ) the solo Q or are they still worried about thier K/d ratio
    and bragging about 0 loses and troll entering enemy camps

    ...cause xbox and ps4 community will have the same fate as Pc
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  • theguiidotheguiido Member Posts: 323 Arc User
    edited January 15
    1. Completely agree, no one can argue that.

    2. Exactly. However, you are wrong regarding Impenetrable Jungle as I have tested it and it does provide CC Immunity Stacks. Initial CC for some classes are very strong. (PvE move basically until it is diminished over time) TR's Dazing strike for example lasts very long even after 2 Dazing Strikes for example. Worst offender is also the OP, Burning Light provides 1 stack yet lasts 10 eons like SB on a TR.


    4.100% agree, not sure what they can do regarding that issue, maybe increase PvP rewards and bring back Neverwinter Combat League or form teams, Competitive Queue or something. Make new maps, modes, make it thrive and make it appealing to bring in new players.

    5. Yeah 2 TR's, a GF, and DC on the same team while I have SW, GWF, and an Archery HR, it's GG. I don't agree with you with CWs, and HRs have the opposite effect. As HR's can still wipe nodes, CC crazy (Boar Charge, Plant Growth, Disrupting shot) and people can easily get 1 rotated by a CW, not only that but CW's MoF debuff mixed with renegade is dirty and not something to mess with. I lost to 2 CW's in 1v1's because of Ray of Enfeeblement, Disintegrate, and Rappel, keeping me at range and me not near them. (Despite me spamming Menace) They are both very very strong classes, and that many people simply might not just fully understand the true potential of the class. Which is why there is only few very good masters of the class. They are in no way underpowered what so ever.
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  • khandran#2092 khandran Member Posts: 38 Arc User
    1. burst damage? TR AND GF, let's not forget the bursttank that has had more than 1 thread closed by its illuminati after players wonder why it still has that kind of burst

    3. With healing suppression massive bursts should also go out of window...TR, GF, GWF all capable of damage that healing cannot counter.

    4. apart from GS differences and class imbalance players refusing to play so that their KD is not "ruined" (QQ) also ruin matches in solo Q...Outside that, solo Q is good addition in general

    5. U need be better CW than GF to kill himthe GF. If equal skill CW and GF confront eachother, GF wins. Same with TR. Same with GWF.
  • pjohnny1pjohnny1 Member Posts: 89 Arc User
    My experience so far is pretty much like op stated. New cc system seems to last longer than before . Matches with 2 TR's dropping 2 smoke bombs on a node constantly is just miserable and makes me quit queing. 12b is not much different than mod 12 to me . The only things that changed was solo que is permanent and tenacity went on character instead of gear . Pvp is the red headed step child of neverwinter , barely tolerated , abused whenever possible and completely ignored otherwise .
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