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Maintenance 9 Aout

pascaldu76pascaldu76 Officier de carrièreMessages: 209 Arc User
Modifié (août 2012) dans Notes de mises à jour

Si ce n'est ce que j'ai lu, cette maintenance va donner quelque coup de pouce =D
De l'Anglais pur et dur è_é A noter : Cette maintenance va évidement ajouter l'event limited time du featured projet ... Cette fois ce seras des Tribules et un descendant pour les fed et des Targ pour les klingons ... (z'aurait pus faire mieux ~)


Resolved an issue that caused weapons to stop firing.
Resolved an issue that caused long delays when starting up new queue maps
The Fleet Basic Uniforms are now available after completing the Starbase Tier 3 Tailor project.
Updated the Fleet Mark rewards for the Tholian and Defera Invasions.
They now reward as follows:
When fleet hour is OFF: easy = 3 FM, medium = 6 FM, hard = 20 FM.
When fleet hour is ON: easy = 6 FM, medium = 12 FM, hard = 25 FM.
Updated the Fleet Event info text to mention the Defera Invasion as a source of fleet marks.
Updated the visual appearance of the interact FX.
Updated the FX for adapted floater so that it only displays one floater at a time.
Fleet events:
Resolved an issue that prevented some fleets from creating new events.
Fleet events should now properly take local and server time into account.
Fleets should no longer be spammed with fleet event messages.
The Follow Target keybind will now toggle between the chosen camera type and Follow Target, rather than toggling between Follow Target and Free.
This means it should be working as intended.

Duty Officers:

Added "Officer Exchange" assignments to Personnel Officers at Starfleet Academy and Klingon Academy.
These officers will allow you to take assignments that will exchange a single Green, Blue or Purple Duty Officer for 3 of one rarity level lower.
e.g.: 1 Green for 3 Whites
New fleet duty officers are now available!
The Personnel Officer in your starbase's Ops area can provide these new Duty Officers.
Each officer is commissioned individually.
You must have at least a tier 1 starbase to commission a general Duty Officer.
As you unlock higher tier starbases, better guaranteed quality officers become available.
Unlocking facilities at tier 2 and above also allows purchase of officers for specific disciplines.
These officers may have new active roster powers and new arrangements for fleets.
As with all Duty Officers, the type received is random.

The Plasmonic Leach console can now stack up to 8 times again.
Most random drops of Uncommon or better quality are now Bind to Account on Equip.
Previously, they were Bind to Character on Equip.
This means they can be put in the Account Shared bank even after equipping them.
Operational Assets:
Added more information about shared cooldowns to all Operational Asset descriptions.
This is a text change only.
Updated the tooltips for Operational Asset ships to provide more detailed information about the ships summoned.
This includes the ships' armaments and abilities.
Corrected tooltip text for Turret and Torpedo Platforms.
New Operational Assets were created with more ship types.
Ki'tang, Negh'var, Bortasqu', Guramba, Kar'Fi, Armitage, Galaxy, Prometheus, Luna, and Galaxy Dreadnought.
Atrox and Vo'quv Operational Assets have changed to display as Dreadnoughts, for rank.
This is purely a text change.
Consumable To'duj and Peregrine fighters will no longer display as being usable by ships from the opposing faction.
Fleet Advanced Antiproton Beam Arrays now specify "Advanced" in their names.
Single Cannons now properly specify the correct energy type in their description.
Fleet Elite Phaser Wide Beam Pistols now specify the correct power name in their descriptions.
Advanced Fleet Polaron Sniper Rifles no longer have fewer damage mods than other Advanced Fleet items.
Phased Tetryon Dual Cannons and Dual Heavy Cannons can now be equipped on the Escort Carrier.
Season 6 changed the based HP and Shield modifier of the T5 Excelsior.
This was not working as intended and is fixed now.
The Excelsior's HP and shield modifier is now reverted to its pre-season 6 values.
Increased the damage of Galor Spiral Wave Disruptors so they are competitive with Mk XII weapons at level 50.
Engineering Quantum mortars can no longer be created in social ground maps.
Mine Revamp:
Removed the Shield Healing Debuff from Transphasic Mines.
This proc may be replaced at a future time, but was found to be too effective at PvP while having very little effect on PvE.
This imbalanced approach was not part of our design goals.
Fixed cooldown error on Dispersal Patterns when used with Tricobalt mines.
Tricobalt Mines and Torpedoes no longer share a cooldown timer
Corrected description on Chroniton, Quantum and Photon basic mine launch powers.


It is now possible to contribute a stack of data samples and particle traces to a Fleet project at the same time.
It is now possible to choose a list of Duty Officers to contribute to a Fleet project.
Duty Officers will be contributed in the order they are selected.
Duty Officers will be numbered in the order they will be contributed.
In the event that only part of the selected Duty Officers are contributed, the result display will list the Duty Officers that were contributed.
Ship Store: Buttons as well as current currencies are now only displayed when they are needed for the current ship.
Resolved an issue that could cause some equipment to not have the "Unequip" option in the context menu when equipped.
Opening the character status window will now correctly display the ship when in space and the captain while on the ground.
The stack count chooser popup in the mail will now correctly report the name of the stack.
Mail details will no longer persist after all messages have been deleted.
Data samples will now appear in the duty officer Cargo Bay.
The Mouse4-Mouse8 buttons have returned as available options in the Keybinds window.

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