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  • (Quote) Johanna: don't kill each other. I'm going to look for something. *she leaves the cage to check if there's any medkits around which could be stocked with a medical tricorder* *** *Susan grunts and shifts her weight, trying to keep them in …
    in rp Comment by westx211 6:29PM
  • Nexa: You're not prisoners! *she looks tired* Well you aren't anyway, major dickhead here I guess could consider himself one. *she walks over to Valendria* You're only restrained because we couldn't have you moving while we took that sword out of yo…
  • Reina: I didn't mean a dress Krys, and you can be tasteful and casual. *she scratches her head* I didn't say fancy. *Reina herself is currently dressed in some sleek but loose pants and a button up shirt with a small jacket*
  • Nexa: Does he have comms in that armor of his? Can someone patch me in? Maybe then he'll listen. *She waits for a comms officer to try and connect her commbadge to the coms on his suit so the translator can work properly*
  • Nexa: You idiot, that's not going to do anything other than kill you, and damage the bed. *She sighs, then taps her combadge* Nexa to transporter room, please remove the explosive device from sickbay. And any others the sensor's detect. *She glares …
  • Nexa: Why are you calling us Xenos? That's like a term for aliens right? *she scratches her head, her crew is of mixed races but there are several humans working in the sickbay* I'm just going to leave the quarantine field up. I don't trust your cra…
  • OoC: Sorry, I did. Johanna: Well... do you think there's one around here? *** Susan: I was going to ask you that. *** Tsuki: Ready when you are. *she gets into a stance and circles*
    in rp Comment by westx211 2:51PM
  • *The knife is incapable of piercing the field, it just stops completely. Putting too much force causes kinetic feedback, sending a physical Shockwave against the knife* Nexa: You aren't the sharpest tool in the shed are you? We found your escape …
  • Nexa: You know what, that's enough showing off. Computer, iniate quarantine forcefield around biobed 3. *she steps back as a forcefield is placed around the biobed and locks him in it.* Someone get me my combadge, I don't understand why this dolt ca…
  • Nexa: Can you not shoot at us until we finish? *she waves at a doctor, the other woman getting treated quickly while Nexa comes around and kicks the laser rifle out of the Grenadier's hand.* Just calm down. *The doctor's restrain Velendria in som…
  • Johanna: Is that something we can just test with a tricorder? *** Susan: So ready for another round of wrestling? *** Tsuki: I mean they could work but thats more up to you.
    in rp Comment by westx211 1:04PM
  • Nexa: Xenos? What the hell are you going on about? *She ducks behind Valendria while they operate on her, before tossing a small device onto his laser rifle that electrocutes it, either short circuiting it or acting like an emp* We saved your life, …
  • *Soon an Amarie class vessel begins to Approach the escape pod, scanning it before beaming the entire pod up to their cargo bay, Valendria and the major being transported to the ship's sickbay where and armored Orion woman is waiting along with some…
  • Johanna: Then its decided... where should we go take her then? I imagine calling your mom is going to be a bit... awkward and I don't know if Cassi would even agree to go there. *** Susan: Sounds like a great idea. *she gets changed* *** …
    in rp Comment by westx211 2:46AM
  • Oculus: What is it?~ *she looks very excited*
  • *Reina gets a clever idea and takes a strand of Krystal's hair off of a brush, using it to brew a potion while she finishes getting dressed, making a few modifications to the recipe for some unique effects*
  • (Quote) Johanna: If she's a clone then we can't really blame her for what the original did... if she's not then there's something strange going on for her having lost memories. *** Susan: Oh thank you so much! it looks great. *she smiles warmly a…
    in rp Comment by westx211 12:34AM
  • Oculus: *she pants, holding onto Jaessa* Maybe we should go back and get a few more drinks...? *she looks like she has an idea forming* *** *T'Lera breathes heavily, pulling Briana close to her and Jakara and giving her another kiss, using more of…
  • *T'Lera's eyes go wide for a moment for a moment before they close half way and she leans into Jakara, moaning into the kiss and holding onto her for support, her blush deepening but she looks as happy as can be* *** Reina: Righty-O! *she laughs a…
  • (Quote) Johanna: Maybe we should test Cassi... if she really is a clone, doesn't that change things? *** Susan: Yeah? Did you get me one? *** Tsuki: Well... I suppose that's true... *she leads them inside and begins programming an arena for the…
    in rp Comment by westx211 May 28
  • Reina: It seems you two had a bit... of excitement before you came over here. *she smiles teasingly taking a good look at Gaia's stomach*
  • T'Lera: You're both very beautiful. I'm sorry if I caused any issues. *she smiles bashfully and rubs the back of her neck, feeling pretty good after kissing them both*
  • T'Lera: No... its not. Um... let me show you. *she leans in and kisses Briana, trying to do some of the stuff that Jakara did during their kiss, getting a little passionate*
  • Johanna: *She takes Mila to the side and whispers* There's a way to tell if someone is cloned right? Genetic Aberration caused by the cloning process? *** Susan: What do you mean? *she looks confused* *** Tsuki: You can fight me... but I…
    in rp Comment by westx211 May 28
  • T'Lera: W-well I can kiss you too if you like. *she blushes once again and it looks like she is eyeing Briana up now, taking in her body*
  • T'Lera: I'm sorry Briana I wasn't ignoring you. *she looks apologetic, having been too tipsy to consider how Briana would've felt about it* (Ah. I was wondering cause there was something about something being off with Gaia and I wasn't sure if it…
  • T'Lera: O-oh right. *she blushes deeply* I wasn't thinking about that... I hope I wasn't that bad of a kisser... I just have these really strong feelings and I'm not sure how to handle them. Oculus: Oh ho~ How exciting being swept off my feet by …
  • Johanna: You woke up in some kind of liquid? Do you remember what the place looked like? *** Susan: Hmm... I might go for winner takes all. *** Tsuki: You guys were arguing? But you two always seemed pretty madly in love.
    in rp Comment by westx211 May 28
  • T'Lera: H-how did you know? Vulcan aren't supposed to do such... acts outside of Pon Farr... *she looks a bit embarrassed* *Oculus kisses her cheek as she undoes her swim top* Oculus: Just for you.
  • *T'Lera nods and bites her lip before giving into her own desires, leaning in and kissing Jakara, closing her eyes as she's not used to just letting her emotions run wild* Oculus: Well... I don't know, if everyone is doing it maybe. *she giggles to…