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  • OoC: I'm sorry I haven't been around. Been dealing with some stuff irl, probably going to be moving in the next few months, my computer is coming back tomorrow, lots of things going on. Also I still think we could use one or two more people here to …
    in rp Comment by westx211 April 16
  • Janri: A ferengi really explains everything honestly. *She sits back in her chair, curious if ferengi are as unreadable to Lythe as they are to other telepaths* *** *After years away a small ship finally arrives at the Exeter bearing Ellvat, retur…
  • > @colonelmarik said: > Ya, mine too... these guys had obviously automated the launch process somehow, because they would just launch more. I suppose they could have been there, but they never moved nor fired, nor responded to chat... sooo..…
  • *Janri gets lost in thought, wondering how she'll fare against the Heralds. She seems to be thinking back about the iconian war* *** Rax: I'd like to hear about it sometime if you're willing. But now might not be the best time if it's a bad me…
  • Kaede: I'm not that great at cheering people on. Would you have rather I given you some incentive to kick her a**? *She smiles flirtily*
    in rp Comment by westx211 April 5
  • Janri: I think I'm good. *She leans back in the chair a bit* *** Rax: Zombie planet?
  • Kaede: I believe in you. *She watches intently, confident in Satin's ability to end the fight here, hoping that a win like this will help put Zahra in her place*
    in rp Comment by westx211 April 2
  • Janri: How long until we reach DS9? *** Rax: I guess that makes sense. *He looks thoughtful for a moment, contemplating something*
  • Kaede: Satin you can do it! Don't let that b**** keep you down! *she tries to cheer her on, believing Saton can do this*
    in rp Comment by westx211 March 31
  • Janri: I'm of the same mind. *she nods* Best that we do this with no casualties. *** Rax: Jedi, Sith, master, Darth, I mean any very highly trained force user. It doesn't sound like something a rookie could do. (Does this mean you want to i…
  • Janri: that's fairly... ominous. *She seems a little concerned but keeps quiet* *** Rax: Purified a crystal? What are you going on about? *He scratches his head* That sounds like something for a Jedi Master to do... not someone who's basically an …
  • Janri: So that's what you saw...it sounds like it was a ferengi who threw it. *she looks thoughtful* How difficult is it to change the outcomes you see? *** Rax: *he nods* So with that dealt with... what places are you planning on visiting as…
  • OoC: Sorry for not responding... *Kaede is out there to watch them both, making sure Zahra doesn't pull anything underhanded, subtly cheering Satin on as they fight*
    in rp Comment by westx211 March 30
  • Janri: Farseeing? Being able to see the future sounds interesting, I'm guessing this is like an eldar thing? Sorry if I'm distracting you from it. *She seems curious about the concept of a "future sight", though she avoids asking a lot of the questi…
  • Janri: Uhh do you have super hearing or something? *She looks a little confused at how he would've heard her since she was whispering. To Lythe* What are you thinking about? *** Rax: I'm going to assume he means landing on it and stabbing it? That…
  • Janri: *She leans over to whisper to Lythe* So is this the same guy we saw on my daughter's ship? He's dressed differently... smells a little different too. Is this another alternate universe thing? *** Rax: I would recommend not relying just on m…
  • Kaede: *she follows Satin into the locker room* I'll be there to make sure she doesn't try anything, but I'll let you take the fight where you want it to. But if you get too hurt I might intervene. *she sounds concerned for Satin's safety but is oth…
    in rp Comment by westx211 March 28
  • Jari: Oh? Like this? *she adjusts the pin, putting more pressure on Sori while kissing her more passionately* I believe you were asking for it rough.
    in rp Comment by westx211 March 28
  • Janri: So what's our part in this going to be? *** Rax: Best to bring a little something of everything. But probably best we don't pick fights with anything too dangerous if we don't have to.
  • Jari: *She smirks then plants a kiss on Sori, using the opportunity to hold her down so she can't roll anymore* Maybe you should go ahead and admit defeat so we can get to the real fun stuff.
    in rp Comment by westx211 March 27
  • Janri: I guess I could use some too, I haven't really worked in a while. *** *Rax nods in agreement, sipping on his drink*
  • *Jari let's out a laugh as she tries to pin Sori onto the bed, struggling as she puts all her strength into it* Jari: Funny how we wound up here again.
    in rp Comment by westx211 March 26
  • Janri: I'm of the same mind. Better to not speak of it for now... And I'm helping teaching her a few things here and there. I guess mercenary could fit us both with how we are. *** Rax: Thats basically what Jorin did. Except for the hunting a …
  • Janri: *she shivers, trying to remain calm* You're saying we're on a mission... to recover the sword of kahless, from the iconians... I'm assuming that means we're going to be invading a herald ship... we might actually find T'Ket when we go looking…
  • Reashe: Yes... *She nods gently, blushing deeply* I want my first time to be with you...
  • Janri: Yeah... I heard it was lost during the Iconian War. *She's not aware of the context due to being a civilian, only rumors that it went missing* *** Reashe: *She adjusts her shirt to show off a bit of cleavage, getting closer to kenzie, a sed…
  • Janri: I've heard that some klingons believe the sword has mystical power, as it was used by the first Kahless to basically stop the hur'q and I think also kill demons or something like that. I know a bit about klingon history because of Orion. ***…
  • Janri: The wormhole is a sort of gateway between our side of the galaxy around the beta and alpha quadrants to another side, the Gamma quadrant. If I remember right there's some weird god like aliens that live inside of it. But I'm not familiar with…
  • *Jari circles before lunging at Sori, trying to move quicker than she can stop her from grappling*
    in rp Comment by westx211 March 24
  • Janri: I'm even more in the dark. *She sits down next to Lythe, setting her hammer down carefully* *** Reashe: Yeah, I do a lot of sketches of things like that, I find it kind of fun recreating technical things like the... *She blushes profusely a…