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  • (I want the Undine Ships badly. I had the T5 since they came out) Reina: Do you have a crewmember close enough to do it? *** M Joule: That's fair. Why not invite her to drink? *he sounds joking*
  • Reina: A beer won't hurt Krys. *she smiles and gets up to talk to the Orion waitress, ordering them the drinks and a plate of appetizers before sitting back down* *** M Joule: Uh huh... Then why not tell her that?
  • M Joule: Any idea why she is chasing you? *he looks curious* I was planning on checking in on her since she's from back home. *** Reina: I can. What does everyone want?
  • Reina: Well... I guess that's true. And Matt would make for a terrible best man. *** M Joule: Pftt *he laughs* No Khan has been dead for quite a long time. You missed him by around 100 years. Let's just say I'm fresh. I was augmented within t…
  • *Mirror Joule arrives in the clearing. Wearing a new modified trench coat. There's some bizarre textures on the cloth, making it look vaguely synthetic though the texture doesn't match typical cloth. Under his coat he is wearing a modified version o…
  • Johanna: Maybe it had something to do with the people Cassi was hanging out with before she... y'know. *** *Tsuki takes a moment before getting to the wall and just bull rushes Karen, figuring she isn't going to expect retaliation like that* *** …
    in rp Comment by westx211 2:00AM
  • Reina: You mean from the ship? Or other big names from the alliance? *she holds a chair out for Krystal before sitting down herself*
  • Reina: I don't mind sitting upstairs. I kind of like having a view like that.
  • OoC: Well Irl I seem to remember hearing that genetic memory isn't entirely TRIBBLE, but that its not like assassin's creed, memory could only be stored in the same individual. And I'm not sure but I think it works like that in Dune too, where Ghola…
    in rp Comment by westx211 12:21AM
  • Reina: I would have thought they would have been disabled for longer but I suppose the crew is hardy and all the governments probably pitched in to patch it up.
  • Reina: I believe we are. *she helps Krystal onto the pad* (Who is the captain of the Takao again? I forget their name)
  • (Quote) OoC: what's genetic memory again? We talking like Assassin's creed type stuff? Or what? I know Ghola's are from Dune but I never watched or read it.
    in rp Comment by westx211 June 3
  • Reina: Oh I'm sure a few rounds won't hurt. *she holds Krystal close as they follow Nick and Gaia*
  • (Quote) Johanna: A Ghola? Is that some kind of super clone? *** *Tsuki pops up and side steps the kick, trying to go for a leg sweep* *** *She manages to with Susan blushing deeply* Susan: N-no fair!
    in rp Comment by westx211 June 2
  • Reina: Enough talk about stressful things. Lets eat some delicious food and have some drinks.
  • Johanna: What was it? Don't leave me in suspense. *** *She manages to with Tsuki rolling over and trying to get her with an axe kick* *** Susan: What is that supposed to mean? *she raises an eyebrow*
    in rp Comment by westx211 June 2
  • Reina: I feel like everyone would be tripping around her if she wore one of those. And crab Rangoon sounds good.
  • (Quote) Johanna: What is it Mila? *** *Tsuki takes the hit but keeps beating down on her* *** Susan: I suppose. *she rolls her eyes and presses against Daya*
    in rp Comment by westx211 June 1
  • Nexa: I'll take that as a yes from both of you then. Just... try and relax. Once you're considered stable I can give you some temporary quarters you can both use while you're here. Seperate of course. *** Reina: Gagh is... bleh. *she comes out in …
  • Johanna: That's strange. *she shows the readout to Mila* It says your cells are like that of a kid Cassi. Like your cells are younger than they should be with how fast they regenerate. *** *Tsuki grunts and decides to punch Karen to try and ke…
    in rp Comment by westx211 June 1
  • Nexa: Do you people just not understand the meaning of the word rescue? You can stay here while you're healing. Just don't try and kill each other.
  • (Quote) Johanna: *she pulls out the medical tricorder* Lets do this thing. *** *Tsuki grunts and struggles in her grasp but she manages to take her down, but Tsuki struggles for ground control* *** *Susan gives her a teasing kiss before putting…
    in rp Comment by westx211 June 1
  • *Nexa sighs and just has the Major transported to the brig without his weapons.* *** Reina: come on Krys, we need to hurry up. *she pulls Krystal along once they're ready*
  • Nexa: Listen, Pretty Eldar lady. Please stop antagonizing her and calling her monkey. Okay? Maybe you'll have an easier time convincing her if you aren't insulting her in every sentence.
  • Nexa: I wasn't specifically talking about the eldar I was talking about how you were waving a gun at my doctors and medics. And I can put the quarantine field up again if you're going to misbehave.
  • Nexa: You're also still trapped in foam because I don't trust you to not hurt an innocent person.
  • (Well if you're not with one of the major galactic powers a lot of smaller threats like the borg, or bigger threats like the hurq are a lot scarier)
  • Nexa: What you've never seen kindness before? I'm here to help you. *after she is pushed away she comes back, helping Valendria get up onto the bed in the correct position* Here in this milky way, there's a lot of nice people just trying to get by.
  • Nexa: *she blushes at the beauty of the eldar woman* Listen, you can be the high inquisition, but that doesn't stop that you're injure. Understand? *she moves to help Valendria* Now get back on the biobed before you open your wound again.
  • > @mikoto8472 said: > (Quote) > > Yes I remember that. The Benthan cruisers flying backwards. And yeah I also doubt it's been corrected either. ;) No, they fixed it years ago. Admittedly it took them like 6 months or something lik…