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  • 2409 Feds don't get two.
  • There were some changes to account bank access several months ago. I believe it is now linked to certain amounts of story progress, etc.
  • Just as an example... my own AP build is currently using: D/E/W/S: Fleet Intervention protomatter deflector Elite Fleet Plasma-Integrated warp core [AMP][Eff][SSR][W->E][WCap] (gains [W->S] when upgraded) Nukara rep impulse/shield 2pc set (+5% cat2 damage to all energy weapons) Consoles: 5x Vulnerability Locator [AP]…
  • also.... DHCs are energy weapons and fire much faster than a torpedo. You're simply not going to see the same kind of single-hit numbers out of a DHC that you saw from a torpedo. But because they fire faster, you might be doing more damage over time.
  • This is true... however it should be mentioned that in this case (the Crystalline torpedo) it also benefits from the AP energy tac consoles. Generally keeping a torpedo vs. not, is a net handicap, however most players (speaking of thematic) like to have one torpedo in the build. I will strongly recommend however, not using…
  • Except that last year it was running during the Anniversary event.
  • Yes, it's one of the possibilities for their one non-locked trait slot. (They always get Reptilian Strength, Cold Blooded and Resilient, and then one of 11 possible options for the 4th; Bite is on that list.) https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Bridge_officer_traits
  • No, it wasn't an event ship, it was a random drop from a purchase pack... like a lockbox ship. They didn't start having seasonal events (in the modern sense) until the following year. And there have been summer ships that were not Risian... the Ferengi Nandi was a summer ship. But even then... the statement stands... there…
  • There are other consoles that already have restrictions like that. However, not the cloak... it's specific to a few specific ships (for lore reasons). It's just that the way it refers to those ships in the tooltip is unclear.
  • Highly unlikely. We have not had a summer or winter event ship that was from one of the playable factions in... ever, I think? There have been a few of the anniversary event ships that would qualify, but not summer or winter ships.
  • It was mentioned in a recent patch notes (last week I think?) that this episode was temporarily removed as it was causing a crash.
  • There are already kit frames you can get that have one skill from another class built in. (Not all skills are available, but for example, there's a tactical kit with a vascular regenerator skill, which is a science skill). It's not a "slot" but rather a single locked skill, but....
  • Was not aware you were playing as Romulan... so you've already gone above and beyond on officers. Very good. As for the deflector/impulse/shield... replacing your Iconian set with the Fleet Colony (intervention protomatter) deflector and a 2pc Nukara set as I mentioned should be a net upgrade. Particularly due to the…
  • I believe it was originally planned and announced that the Mudd's items would only be listed when on sale. However, some players pointed out that having list prices that are never the active price is against advertising laws in some jurisdictions, and in order to avoid that they simply left the items up when the initial…
  • Posted where? Not in this forum. And even then, the vague mention in that unofficial document does not answer the question. Reported for harassment. And BTW... I have been trying. For weeks. Including tagging members of the Cryptic staff four times in this thread alone. And they have in that time answered other threads in…
  • The Romulan Plasma consoles got pretty heavily nerfed... I would strip those off and replace with AP universals. In addition to the two mentioned above, there is also the Polymorphic Probes available in the Exchange (it's a lockbox console). The last two anniversary ship consoles have also been AP universals, but you…
  • Two things here.... First of all, the technicians reduce by 10% not 15%. So your total reduction is (correctly) 30% not 45% as you calculated. Second, most abilities have a hard minimum cooldown beyond which no reduction is possible. It is likely that you hit it. If you look at the icon while the ability is in cooldown,…
  • In the past it hasn't been announced until within 10 days of the start of the event. Considering the end date of the Klingon/Campaign #5 event is more than ten days away... we're not there yet.
  • I am not familiar with the others, but the Risian is re-engineerable.
  • Yes, an argument ensued directly from another player trying to convince me that I was being impatient/premature to ask questions about this topic, and then spamming said thread to the point that a mod closed it. So yes, a thread on this topic that was forcibly closed. "Similar conversation has happened internally about…
  • I wouldn't say that is obscure... a lot of real-world navies used the names of ancient provinces, etcetera for ship names in the 1800-1950 period when a lot of them had more ships than they do now (and less famous people and battles to name them after). I for example have a website bookmarked with the ship list of the…
  • Most of the items in Mudd's are old event rewards, or lockbox/lobi/promo ships... they are things that have never been available directly for sale in any other format (except the lobi items). So comparing prices is iffy at best.
  • Yeah. I actually had two different plans for the lobi sale... and then we don't get one at all. Which actually is a good thing since I still haven't gotten an answer on the f******ng EV suit question, so I don't know which of those two plans I would be activating.
  • It was mentioned that the episodes were changed to remove the giveaway (generic) EV suits, since they enabled the automatic phantom/default ones... so what you are reporting is working as designed. * this would not apply to Step as those EV suits are non-generic
  • Well, there is the one new Mudd's bundle. But nothing else "new", true. And not even a lobi sale.
  • as you said earlier: "if I play all the remaining daily Qo'noS TFO's I will be two days (100 points) away from the 3500 needed" ... have you bought out THIS event already? Because if not, if you are able to do a partial buyout at 3 days to go or something like that, and then earn the additional days after completion... the…
  • A mixture of admiralty (focus on ferengi and klingon), DOFFing (including security officer contraband), and random TFO's works for me. No need for mining. If your fleet is high enough rank, you can leave your character parked in the Dyson Battlezone and use your transwarp to fleet starbase to do the contraband (there's a…
  • I think what he was suggesting was temporarily re-enabling the former Zen prices?
  • Yes, as mnentioned before, it comes with either that ship or the T5 Defiant Retrofit. (which under certain circumstances you can get for free) ;)