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  • So this seeme to relate to who you're fighting (at least in 9th Rule) - 3 matches in a row tonight gave nothing for fighting Terrans. Then I got a single mastery for Mokai. I've gotten 4 and a half masteries for similar kill counts from other enem…
  • I run into this daily. I complete the mission, take all rewards, and no mastery xp. I have a ship I've run through the 9th Rule three days in a row that has 0 mastery XP. It seems to be getting more common - used to be once a day, now it's recurr…
  • Started a discussion on this in the general forums last week as well. It's very frustrating, especially since they had no reason to mess with it in the first place. The worst part is that the order is different on every toon now. I would love to …
  • The autofill in doffs picks what is *usually* the best possible choice for the mission. Your Hegh and Assimilated Assault cruiser would be the first choices every time! I think for doffing and admiralty both, I'd like to have some sort of learning…
  • Out of 19 toons on two accounts, I have ONE science toon. She's in a tier 5U fleet Nova, and she will remain with that ship until I can get a T6 Nova! I love the idea of pilot seating, but definitely would like to see a Lt. Cmdr. to use for engine…
  • Thanks, guys - as stated, though, I'm using pilot as my SECONDARY. I do have it fully filled for the turn rate, but intel is my primary. I have found the reason it was staying grayed out for entire matches - deploying the heavy attack craft from t…