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  • It'd be great if they would change the description to be crystal clear, as the way they put it is indeed confusing (made clear by quite a few questions regarding the prize).
  • I'd like to see gender restrictions of alien body parts lifted (for example 'horns' can only be applied to males, which makes it impossible to create proper Deferi because the Cryptic made female ones wear one of the 'horns' options) and of course n…
  • > @jhawranick said:
    > Just to clarify:
    > Promo Ships and Lockbox ships are for one character, but T6 C-Store ships are for the whole accou…
  • > @somtaawkhar said:
    > Doesn't that apply to like, half the things they use as weapons in Star Trek though?

    Considering that the parti…
  • (Quote)
    That's what I meant, a 'alert toggle' of sorts that lets you switch from 'red' to 'green' with the latter lowering your shields. Many of the classic Trek games allowed you to remain at no alert ('green'), just raise shields ('yello…
  • It probably has technical reasons you have to remsin in combat mode for a while after the enemy is gone, but I agree that BOFF or captain skills should not randomly put you there.

    I'd like to be able to manually set 'red alert' status an…
  • I would love to see a scenario where the old (purple!) Terrans with their original ships (STO launch models, ideally a bit touched up) would fight Leeta's (red) Terrans who use more modern ships and the players in the middle.​​
  • I never understood the appeal of Cardassians. They are a national socialistic allegory and yes, not every citizen got along with their government, but wat we see of them is exactly that and it's also what made them popular. But I'm not a big fan of …
  • The rules regarding hangar pets are inconsistent. The caitian frigates aren't locked but the shuttles are, with B'Rels it's the other way around. Mobulai frigates are locked to the Aqua-Xindi carrier while other Xindi pets are unlocked as well.
  • The experimental weapon is terrible. I use one on a new Delta character which is Alliance themed. At lower levels the stupid weapon pushes enemies out of your range constantly and it doesn't deal enough damage to kill them before. I don't see why th…
  • (Quote)
    Yes. How much is difficult to say since you can't do a reliable test of vision with a dog, but according to their eyes anatomy they should have a short-sightedness of around 30% (so they see about a third as sharp as someone with '…
  • (Quote)
    Comparing biological skillsets is always difficult as of course there is no "better" or "worse" in terms of ecology. For their lifestyle, wolves' vision is better suited than a humans (their eyes are narrow to focus on fleeing prey…
  • To my knowledge, no. To see different spectrums they would need different photoreceptor cells of which they only have two while humans have three. Im general, canines have compared to humans bad vision. In general they are short-sighted, can't diffe…
  • Besides, it's also an exercise in creativity. Creating and imagining such a civilization while imposing some rules that are different than humans is just fun to do. I mean humans can't see the full spectrum, no evolutionary advantage to that either.
  • I hope not. That'd make me very angry. You don't want me to get angry.​​
  • (Quote)
    Well, I don't know if it's aggressive, but most mammals see blue best. For instance, wildlife reflectors placed alongside roads to keep deer and others away are often blue. If light shines on them the blue flash is most visible to …
  • I'd guess you are right, the yellow would remain and it should also be dim since the red light would be basically no light for them. When working with or around nocturnal mammals, caretakers usually work under red light because it's practically invi…
  • (Quote)
    Or, wild theory here, they are completely unrelated. Just like Gorn and Saurians are unrelated.​​
  • (Quote)
    It's not just canines, the majority of mammals are only able to see dichromatic due tot he fact that they just have 2 types of cones "blue" and "green" ones (photoreceptor cells in the eyes). Humans are a big exception here, since …
  • Have you thought about making a "poster" of all the Enterprises, from Constitution to Sovereign? (maybe even Oddyssey) It'd look good I think, especially looking at that last one as it is so large.​​
  • (Quote)
    Indeed, really inappropriate.​​
  • (Quote)
    That would require creating a completely new bridge which, we know, Cryptic won't ever again do. However, usable bridges are already in the game - they just had to unlock every bridge for every ship, which must somehow work since c…
  • (Quote)
    Hmm... kinky pig-47.gif​​
  • You only got one (1) PC mouse in your house? I think I have at least half a dozen, located in various drawers, boxes etc. Most of the time I replaced them so they're not 100% great, but they work well enough as a replacement.​​
  • > @corinthalas said:
    > Definitely more complicated, but it makes sure the people who actually get to contribute to the final phase of the BZ are t…
  • A timer between capture and rex spawn would be great, I might even go back there if that happens. I liked the zone a lot when you could still get all 3 rexes. Recently they died so fast you might not get a single one due to campers.
  • In my opinion jumping to the future was the right thing for the show, the setting and period they chose first just didn't work out. Shows like ENT had a problem because they tried too hard to imitate TNG. DSC wanted to be too different, yet chose an…
  • (Quote)
    I think that's a plus. I really don't like that women are always forced into tight uniforms, I'd be so afraid to put on the slightest bit of healthy weight because I couldn't wear my uniforms any more in 32nd century starfleet uniforms Comment by angrytarg April 11
  • (Quote)
    According to the Eaglemoss Star ship collection - which is itself not canon, however comes with a ton of background information to the ships, it's a rather light patrol cruiser, which is also what I always saw in it. I pictured it…
  • (Quote)
    She "outvulcan'd" even Tuvok. Every series needed their "cold, emotional" part and apparently Tuvok didn't cut it in the Vulcan department.

    What definitely didn't help was Voyager's constant establishing of already know…