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Fleet Power Network Array still bugged (Ahwahnee Console)? [April 2nd]

cay#3372 cay Member Posts: 2 Arc User
edited April 3 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
Hey there,

we've discovered a bug within the Fleet Power Network Array clicky. It allows for multiple players to be buffed with just one activation, and this issue is reproducible. While it might occur unintentionally in coordinated or semi-coordinated runs (such as Infected Space or Hive Space), it can be exploited by players for an unfair advantage.

All that's needed is to target a player who activates their Fleet Power Network Array without having any friendly other active target. Every player targeting this activating player will receive one stack just by observing the activation. For instance, if four players on the same team target the activating fifth player simultaneously, all five players will receive one stack each.

By rotating this process within the team, with each player equipped with a Fleet Power Network Array, it's possible to start a TFO (Task Force Operation) with five stacks of Fleet Power Network for every player (25 activations in total).

Some key points to note:

The activating player must not have any friendly target selected, as this will cause the buff to be overwritten.
This bug only works within a 5km radius.

Best regards,
The WeWo-Team
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    darkspeakerdarkspeaker Member Posts: 80 Arc User
    Okay, just making sure you had posted this here as well. Good job, yall.
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    jheinigjheinig Member Posts: 364 Cryptic Developer
    Thanks for this report. The targeting logic on this console is actually fiendishly complex, due to how it works under the hood. I've done a bunch of testing of a tweak that should hopefully handle this, it'll go through our test team and with any luck be in an upcoming patch. (Keep an eye on patch notes!)
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