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will there be any new bridges?



  • paradox#7391 paradox Member Posts: 1,776 Arc User
    I would love an ISS Enterprise bridge, it's basically the Constitution Bridge but with darker lighting and Terran Symbols on the doors and walls.
  • davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 10,511 Arc User
    I would love an ISS Enterprise bridge, it's basically the Constitution Bridge but with darker lighting and Terran Symbols on the doors and walls.

    Yes please. That would be a much nicer "and more!" than those jump-to-65 tokens or some purple space consoles.
  • faelon#8433 faelon Member Posts: 358 Arc User
    I would be thrilled if they gave us the Mirror skin for the Voyager interior. Who would have thought that the Terran's have much better interior decorating sense and taste. The reds and gold look much less cheesy than the standard Fed earth tones.
  • knightnbluknightnblu Member Posts: 104 Arc User
    I, and many of my fleet mates, buy bridges. In fact, we often meet on our bridges to hold fleet staff meetings. I also collect ships and do my best to install a bridge that fits the ship I am flying. It would be nice to see a new bridge set released every couple of years or so. It has been a while since I last purchased a bridge group, but that's because nothing new has been introduced.
  • davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 10,511 Arc User
    i hate now, that the fact i bought many bridges, some with fuller interiors than others, that i am not able to use them on "any" ship now with the update to cross faction flying.

    as with the above person...our fleet would meet on someones bridge, a lot, not all the time, prior to a cpl hours worth of runs, as it allowed some immersion into the days activities.

    there are also other aspects of bridges that has fallen flat. some ships i cant change bridges...even though i have several to choose from, and some bridges/interiors are still bugged and they refuse to fix them.

    i mean, i could make an argument for money spent on things i cant really use, but that would fall on deaf ears...

    Yes, especially with cross-faction flying we should be able to use any bridge we own from any faction, on any ship.

    Let me use my Tal Shiar bridge on other Romulan ships, my KDF bridges on Fed and Alliance ships, etc.

    I think the devs said at some point that the list of available bridges for a ship was another one of those decade-old hack features where it is hard-coded, but just change that to one database field for the ship (bridge_id) and have another table of the bridge IDs that a player has unlocked.
  • mikecobalt#1974 mikecobalt Member Posts: 39 Arc User
    No. It seems that not enough people are interested in visiting their ship interiors, so Cryptic has stopped producing them. The only exception is if they create an interior map for a ship of a certain class that gets used in a piece of content they create and they decide to let that map become a player ship interior as well.

    The truth is that it isn't that people aren't interested in visiting their ship's interior map. It is simply that there is nothing interesting to do while there. And for over ten years, Cryptic hasn't bothered to even pretend to try to figure out interesting gameplay that can take place there.

    The result is that a setting that was used 90% of the time in every trek show that took place on board a ship doesn't factor in to even 10% of our Star Trek Online experience. To me, that's terribly sad. But then, in 10 years, STO has not even pretended to try to reach for the full potential an MMO set in the Star Trek universe has. Before Discovery happened, Cryptic even came out and said that they were running out of ideas. The solution to that? ADD NEW BRANCHES OF Star Trek CAREERS WITH NEW PAYABLE GAMEPLAY LOOPS TO FLESH OUT THE GAMEWORLD!

    In Other Words: Make development become more than just maintaining a status quo. If your team is too small then it's time you become a bigger studio so that you can adequately handle an IP as large as Star Trek.

    They come up with new stuff, release content that introduces it and then go, "Okay. That's as far as this goes, back to doing the same MEH over and over again.

    In the past four years, we got thirteen playable content releases. Oh... But we've gotten over a hundred ships we can jump through hoops to be able to fly while jumping through more of the same hoops afterwards.

    Before PWE started calling the shots, even durring their lowest point, Cryptic used to have drive and passion to keep the game interresting. Under PWE, it became "Here we go with the status quo." Now there are new people in a position to call the shots. Maybe whoever gets assigned to oversee STO will actually care about the IP and the tremendous potential it represents, and then see to it that Cryptic HAS the tools and the talent needed to make it so.

    Then, maybe we'll finally get something useful to do with our ship interiors, and then the selling of new Interior maps can resume. Among other things that should have happened long before this point, but couldn't because PWE wouldn't.

    You are correct. Never provide/offer and the customers won't realize something else to want. Add to that this game does cater more and more to the "Space Invaders/ fly it like a fighter" type genre and less to the story and dialogue theme. I liked the part about Star Trek used the bridge so often for any situation but this game only sporadically. I was planning to purchase the Voyager pack some time ago but the game cut out one of its feature's days before, so my involvement really dropped. Explosions, bright lights and witty characters are all great, but everybody has that and those are not hard to create, stories and characters with depth are so game's nowadays reach only for the easier plateaus. I never had the impression Star Trek was intended to ride on adrenaline and reflexes; I thought it was deeper than that.

  • vetteguy904vetteguy904 Member Posts: 3,857 Arc User
    they want to make the interiors useful? add an exchange port in the crew lounge (replicators?) a bank in another part of the ship or on the other side of the crew lounge.

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