Tailor "Infected" option missing

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I bought the borg exoskeleton frame awhile ago and while I was configuring a new bridge officer today I noticed the option "infected" under base complextion. Perfectly matchess the borg faces from the series. This didnt update until I changed the gear on that officer btw. Then I checked my other bridge officers for this option and most of them, including my own toon, dont have that option.

This cant be intended. Can it?


  • inferiority
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    The "Infected" skin texture is only available for Liberated Borg personnel in much the same way that Reptile Feet are only available for Gorn.
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  • zarasz
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    But the bridge officer who has the option is a (klingon) photonic engineer.
  • chrian#9670
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    Thanks for the information, seems like there may be 1 or more bugs in this issue so I've put it into the system for investigation.
  • chuckiii#3391
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    you might be able to do with a alien character . because it is universal because you create you own alien . i made the borg queen. so there you are problem solved.