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Console Patch Notes for 1/13/12

ambassadorkael#6946 ambassadorkael Member, Administrator Posts: 2,568 Community Manager
Greetings Captains!
We will be having a maintenance tomorrow, 1/13 at 7AM Pacific for 2 hours. (What time is this for me?)
You can find our patch notes here.

We value your feedback and want to help direct it to the right locations. Please check the following link to redirect to the best sub-forums to post your replies.
Experiencing a Gameplay Bug with our latest patch? Please click this link to be taken to our Gameplay Bug Report Section to file your reports.
Thank you for the assistance!
The Star Trek Online Team


  • stl024stl024 Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    edited January 14
    Hello, my name is Justin and I just want to inform you that when I won the promotional tier 6 box, the Kirk class ship was not among tier 6 ships. This happen when the game was updated on the PS4.
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  • monkeyboy#4901 monkeyboy Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    Kael the Kirk Class isn’t showing up in Promo boxes, even though the game says it should be?
  • stl024stl024 Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    You too, monkeyboy. I hope the guy responds to our posts.
  • Had the same happen to me
  • baltimoremd21217baltimoremd21217 Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    Hey its the same thing here I have 3 T6 Research and Development Prize packs which said that the Kirk Class would be available. 2 were won the first time it showed up I was told to wait till the update.update came won another one opened it still no Kirk class. Will wait hopefully I will get what I spent money on especially when you said it was supposed to be in the pack both times.
  • stevieb#8303 stevieb Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I think everyone who won it is in the same position now. Not showing up. I for the first time on 1st open got the promo ship pack , opened and seen courage class was the only recent option also. Sent off a ticket and seems they will look at a fix early next week. I hope this included giving the players who won the promo box in hopes of a kirk class the actual kirk class ship . I have not chosen from the promo box yet just incase. The courage class is a cool ship but, the kirk class has a cool appeal also so.... yeah hopefully remedied soon.
  • speedforce13#1989 speedforce13 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Looks like they are not replying to this bug and are completely ignoring us.
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