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Event Campaign Not Updating

sirknotsirknot Member Posts: 12 Arc User
My EVENT CAMPAIGN progress bar is at 3200/3500 and didn't receive credit for the last event, but I have the MIRROR GAGARIN ship. I have all progress rewards: MIRROR GAGARIN and RISIAN LUXURY CRUISER ships, ground gear, universal consoles...and all inbetween progress rewards like UPGRADES from Red Alerts.... I did file a ticket two days ago but no reply as of yet. I set a goal to get the LOBI to get the consoles with high CRIT.


  • edrickvellorinedrickvellorin Member Posts: 345 Arc User
    Mirror Gagarin event has nothing to do with the event campaign. Likewise the Risa Luxury Cruiser is also not part of the Event Campaign. I believe there should be one upcoming event for the event campaign, so you should get your prize then.
  • westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 8,390 Arc User
    edited October 2021
    Edrick is correct.

    The ONLY events that count for the Campaign are the three-week type events (with 14-day projects), and then only when announced.

    So far we've had four such events - the Voth, Tholian, and Pahvo events earlier this year and the recent Kobayashi/Sompek event - and the campaign was announced to be five events, so there is one remaining, which I would speculate (though this is not yet official) will take place in November.

    The Mirror Gagarin, the Luxury Cruiser, and all those smaller events (Red Alerts, etc) intentionally did not count.

    Good news though, since you are at 3200, you only need six days of that upcoming event in order to finish.

    (For others reading along... although the total needed to complete the campaign was built around the 700 points per event you would naturally earn by doing the 14-day project, you can earn additional progress after completing the project for each event, which would explain why someone could have more than 700 per event already)
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