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Event Campaign Not Updating

sirknotsirknot Member Posts: 13 Arc User
My EVENT CAMPAIGN progress bar is at 3200/3500 and didn't receive credit for the last event, but I have the MIRROR GAGARIN ship. I have all progress rewards: MIRROR GAGARIN and RISIAN LUXURY CRUISER ships, ground gear, universal consoles...and all inbetween progress rewards like UPGRADES from Red Alerts.... I did file a ticket two days ago but no reply as of yet. I set a goal to get the LOBI to get the consoles with high CRIT.


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    edrickvellorinedrickvellorin Member Posts: 346 Arc User
    Mirror Gagarin event has nothing to do with the event campaign. Likewise the Risa Luxury Cruiser is also not part of the Event Campaign. I believe there should be one upcoming event for the event campaign, so you should get your prize then.
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