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Zen account lock out

Hi, Yesterday I bought 1200 zen through my visa debit card and when I went to buy a t6 ship upgrade with it (I just recieved mirror gagarin warship from the event(, it told me It was under probationary period of several days.

So I have zen but cannot spend it.
I would like this lifting please as its winding me up (I view this as theft of my finances), nearly smashed my monitor because of this, luckily its my only monitor so I managed to calm down.

As it stands I have lost interest in playing until this is resolved


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    ninetoes#0923 ninetoes Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    I have reciepts of my transaction which I am happy to post privately for investigation
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    ninetoes#0923 ninetoes Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    Looked further into it, turns out I get to use my zen, its just locked to my account including anything bought with it for several days.

    To me thats a non issue as I still get to use it and I cant be arsed waiting for support to reply and never fix it, still waiting on my epic weapon replacing from my other post.

    Is support actually alive?
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    edrickvellorinedrickvellorin Member Posts: 346 Arc User
    I think this is a normal thing for people buying zen with credit cards, to guard against people buying stuff, selling it, and doing a chargeback.
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