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Terran Battleship and DS9

sniper1187sniper1187 Member Posts: 251 Arc User
edited September 2021 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
For the last 3 times, a Terran Battleship gets stuck under DS9 center spire, the ship is inside the station, makes destroying it a PITA. Weapons go off, some will hit it, some won't.
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    edrickvellorinedrickvellorin Member Posts: 346 Arc User
    Haven't seen that happen, but a possible workaround would be to try and do gravity type skills near the ship but not centered on it. (I have however seen a ship get stuck on the outer edge of the outer ring, wasn't inside just couldn't go forward and couldn't find reverse, wasn't hard to destroy either.)
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    slaughterbird#1235 slaughterbird Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    Sadly I do believe this is mainly because of the case when they remastered DS9's model they did not line up DS9's Original Model Collisions with the new HD Model so the arches and pylons physical collisions do not match the model leading to some annoying "Ship netting" when trying to do assault team passes and clear visible shots being blocked
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