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trolls in game?



  • spiritbornspiritborn Member Posts: 4,173 Arc User
    edited May 2021
    spiritborn wrote: »
    I dunno maybe it's just my time zone but I've yet run into a "my DPS is bigger then yours therefore you're worthless as a human being" type of troll in STO

    I have flown with you enough to answer this question for you. You're just not a bad player. Why would anyone yell at you? :lol:

    Don't get me wrong, they shouldn't be doing it to anyone, but that's why you haven't seen it.

    Oh the trolls I've have the "pleasure" of meeting in WoW would take in the tiniest of excuses to bully you, yeah I'm not a bad player but I'm not a top DPSer either so there's 1 reason (especially if the person bullying you isn't top DPS either).

    I remember this one time back in Wrath of the Lich King, I was DPSing in a group with some of my friends and a pug rogue, this rogue was constantly complaining about my DPS (I was poorly geared during this run which was one the reasons we were doing it to get better gear for me), so the tank (who was guild mate and friend of mine) linked the parser and it came to light said rogue wasn't much better could have even been worse then me I can't recall at this moment.

    So "is a decent player" is no defense against these trolls they find something to bully about you, it might even be your choice of character.

    EDIT:That's why I also said that type of trolls are nearly non-existent in Mythic, people there have enough skills that they don't have to brag to look cool.
  • captainmarvelushcaptainmarvelush Member Posts: 134 Arc User
    The days of Starfleet Dental are over, thank God.
    Captain of the Thunder and the Lightning

  • aftulusaftulus Member Posts: 668 Arc User
    edited May 2021
    The only proper complaint against trolls is if they are not good enough at it. The ones you dislike just aren't as good as they used to be! 8)

    Many today need more work than they will ever be able to achieve realistically.
  • cyphexthekingcyphextheking Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    But beside this, there ARE some players who intentionally troll in space TFO.
    I have seen one, who even named his ship "Trolling PVE Heros".

    And there is kinda Build-suggestions out there for trolling ships, wich mostly use abilities that pushes enemies away, or they intentionally using grav wells with high amount of control to suck nanite spheres to the transformers and so on..

    Those peoples are rare, but they exzists..
  • aftulusaftulus Member Posts: 668 Arc User
    the upside of that is that cryptic may one day add new abilities to the game to balance it out. An even combo of push/pull would be nice.
  • jozen#9312 jozen Member Posts: 102 Arc User
    There's Gorn and Voth, close enough ;)
  • aftulusaftulus Member Posts: 668 Arc User
    edited June 2021
    Voth are earth originating lizards. Unless we don't know something about gorn(not hard.) I'm suprised they didn't play up that fact more. Or was the original older story getting earth back(I don't remember but is sound vaguely familiar..) They could do some fun stuff with voth visiting earth and roaming around starfleet.

    Or did voth stop being purely from earth later with the other(likely iconian) storylines? I'm suprised we didn't buddy buddy with them and get more ships like with caitans. You know, bros before.... Klingons?

    That would permanently fix earths defense problems. Just warp in endless voth citadels to any battle on the spot! 8D

    Combined earth voth initiatives. Build more dyson spheres and other mega projects. Then earth would really become the dominate specie producer. It's kind of odd two of the biggest species so far are earth bound. Voth were ancient galactic leaders and humans managed the federation and modern alliances.

    Maybe if the klingons go nuts again we get the voth to join the federation in a purely earth based initiative and do earth bros!(like mario bros) Reds are feds and greens are voths... Luigi was the older brother right? then watch a massive war between klingon and earth bros.

    Then maybe some of the romulans and their bros start an alliance. Not to help, but because they had nothing better to do.
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