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Traits missing from selection list after House United update

darthnovawavedarthnovawave Member Posts: 13 Arc User
edited May 25 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
I just noticed that I can no longer select at least the Improved Critical Systems trait. The trait has been completely removed from my list, but is still equipped on other starships. Not sure if this is the only trait that is now missing, but this is one that I select regularly so its absence is notable.


  • darthnovawavedarthnovawave Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    For clarity, it was also not available for reclaim from the temporal agent vendor.
  • sirrurgsirrurg Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited May 25
    I have the same problem, as several starship traits on my characters have gone missing. Notably the ones I got from prior recruitment events. They are still slotted on older chars that I haven't switched ships with today, but they don't show up on the list on the right when you select the traits and cannot be activated or deactivated anymore either.
  • sirrurgsirrurg Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    Unfortunately the fix today did not resolve the issue entirely. Some characters seem okay, but my newest character is still missing all the traits I got from recruitments (Improved Temporal Insight, Critical Systems and Improved Hunter's Instict). Also after checking some of my other characters, several of them (6) are missing the Critical Systems trait, and three of of those I checked now have the Temporal Insight trait instead of the improved version they should have.
    It would seem that the devs have to look into this a bit more.
  • sirrurgsirrurg Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    Mine originally appareled missing, but after changing maps 3-4 times they reappeared. Try doing that and see if it works.

    Hopping from ESD to the academy to space back to ESD didn't help but joining a TFO made them reappear afterwards, it seems. What other maps did you change to and from?

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