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Admiralty ships AWOL on new characters

jivedutchjivedutch Member Posts: 357 Arc User
I recently noted that some admiralty cards were missing from my characters i made with the legendary tokens.
In order to investigate this and see make a list of which cards specifically would not auto-populate, i created 2 new Jem Hadard characters.
When starting the Jem tutorial, i immediatly got my event ships for the character , expecting the others to populate after the tutorial when choosing a faction, unfortunatly this is not the case.

When choosing faction i immediatly get a whole bunch of accolades and other perks relating to the levelup etc , but the admiralty cards are absent.
When visiting the ship vendor i can pick a ship manually, but even tho the ship is visible in the ship manager, it does not show up in admiralty untill i log out and back into the character, and open the admiralty screen.

As this is happening on both fed & kdf aligned jem hadar characters, and have already noticed other missing cards on my Legendary Romulan and Discovery character, there is currently something wrong with the admiratly card claiming.

Currently the effects are ...
The ships in the cstore / events / bundles you have unlocked on your account do not populate in the admiralty system ( tested on fed&kdf jem char)
When claiming a ship through the vendor or cstore requires a reload of the character to add the card to the admiralty list.


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    jivedutchjivedutch Member Posts: 357 Arc User
    Due to comments in chat from fleet mates on how to populate their admiralty roster, it seems this one is back again...
    As it did work on my own klingon recruit this weekend, i would assume this might be caused by the last patch .. or something else server-side which does not trigger when characters reach the appropriate level..
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