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Klingon Recruitment - Bat'lith of Sto'Vo'Kor Mk XIV reward error

why would clicking the bbcode at the bottom open and ERASE, nvm.... why question that not having a tag to open in a new window, is like asking my something is the way it is in the game....

Fine... resetting brain... rage mode deactivating... error... error... smoke break helped!!

OK... The rewards for the Klingon Recruitment - Bat'lith of Sto'Vo'Kor Mk XIV reward, are not the rewards mentioned! They are better! this is supposed to give Fleet Marks and Fleet-Only Dilithium, but it's rewarding a Very-Rare Adet'Pa, The with of Nimbus III DOFF... I like this reward a lot better! No complaints from me!

My only real complaint, or question, is how to get it on my Klingon recruit? I really like the stats on this DOFF. But my recruit is the only character that can't get it!

Now... lets try this again...





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