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"Knowledge is Power" last room, defeated all enemies BUG

Hi there :) I have submitted a ticket on this issue too, and was told to post here

I am in the final room for "Knowledge is Power" and I have defeated Akar (and all enemies), but the journal still says I need to defeat his forces, I have defeated them all, there are no enemies left, and I also cannot leave this room.

Thanks for your help


  • sirdraknosirdrakno Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    We got this issue as well tonight. There is no way around it and have retried the mission again. Same ending issue.
  • Sorry to hear, cryptic we need your help...
  • garrettnormangarrettnorman Member Posts: 35 Arc User
    edited February 2021
    Getting this too. It looks to me that the Defeat Aakar's Forces requirement popped up after I defeat Aakar and all the other forces disappeared. So, there may have been other forces in the room with Aakar. But the requirement didn't pop up to get completed until after they had already been defeated.
  • goldenavarielgoldenavariel Member Posts: 108 Arc User
    One of the guys in our group had a similar problem on the bridge heading into the Library. After the second test the npc did not move on to the 3rd and he was stuck. Had to reset and start over but got the same error in the same place.
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