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Need Advise

daviticusdaviticus Member Posts: 2 Arc User
I leveled up to 65 with a friend a couple years ago and am now looking at getting back into the game. I am getting my TRIBBLE kicked in many of the missions I attempt solo. I know I am probably lacking in many areas of the game. So with that said, here are several questions:

Would a T6 ship help with missions, and if so which one should I buy?

I see so many guides out there, can I get a recommendation on which would be best for someone already at Fleet Admiral but missing peripheral aspects of the game?

Are there any Fleets out there that still accept a newbie with a ton more questions?


  • westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 4,417 Arc User
    A T6 ship is not required - a T5 ship with the optional (sold separately) upgrade is comparable except for a couple special features. However, if you do choose to get one, most advise the Arbiter Battlecruiser or Morigu Warbird as the first purchase, due to the usefulness of its starship trait (these two ships have the same starship trait; the Morrigu is a Romulan ship which can be used by Federation or Klingon characters, while the Arbiter is Fed-only.)

    As for ship equipment design, the following is my own guide... if you follow it with level-appropriate gear, it should get you through any normal-difficulty content (though for certain missions tactics may matter).

    Ten Shipbuilding Guidelines for Energy-Weapons Builds

    These ten guidelines are designed to apply broadly to the most common types of builds, which use energy weapons as their primary damage source (and which may also include, optionally, a single projectile weapon).

    There is still a lot of room for customization. Some of these guidelines can be bent or broken successfully, but think about it first. Following these will result in ship that can easily produce the damage needed in any normal-difficulty and many advanced-difficulty situations.

    Please note that many of these guidelines are NOT applicable to two less-common build types:
    1) exotic damage based builds (focused on damage from Science BOFF abilities)
    2) kinetic damage based builds (focused on damage from torpedoes)
    Both of these build styles will often use multiple projectile weapons and will not emphasize damage from energy weapons (if, in fact, they use any).

    Deliberately left out: any discussion of DOFFs, weapon mods, or power management (including Aux2Bat), as those are more build-specific than this list is designed to be.

    1. All energy weapons should have the same "damage type". (There are six: Phaser, Disruptor, Plasma, Antiproton, Polaron, Tetryon.) This is usually named in the item name, but some are deceptively named, so check the tooltips.

    NOTE: all six types share the same base damage scale, they just have different additional special effects, meaning that there is not one type that is inherently better than the others.

    Some ships have built-in (or console) weapons of a specific type, and in those cases, you should probably match that type.

    2. All energy weapons should be EITHER beam-style OR cannon-style. (Turrets are cannons.)

    NOTE: This is due to the efficiency of Bridge Officer weapon mode skills; on ships that have extremely high amounts of tactical officer seating, it may not be necessary.

    3. 360-degree weapons, if used, should be used in aft slots only.

    NOTE: the tooltips on omni-directional beam weapons are deceptive. Although they say "one per ship", there are actually three categories, and you may use one of each. (Energy-type beams that are part of a set, energy-type beams that are NOT part of a set, and the Omega reputation kinetic beam.) FYI: The Morphogenic Polaron Energy Weapon from "Home" counts as an omni-directional beam weapon.

    4. You should use only one projectile weapon, placed in the far right forward slot (they work slightly better there, due to a combination of the autofire game mechanic and the effects of different weapon styles), or none at all. This weapon should be part of a set with a useful bonus, the appropriate energy torpedo, the Wide Angle Quantum, or the Particle Emission Plasma.

    5. All Tactical console slots should be used ONLY for Tactical consoles with weapon damage boosting effects THAT MATCH your chosen damage type. These include ONLY:

    - standard craftable/lootable Tactical consoles (Phaser Relay, Disruptor Coil, etc.)
    - Fleet Spire vendor Tactical consoles (Vulnerability Locator and/or Exploiter), and/or Fleet Colony vendor Tactical consoles, with the appropriate energy weapon damage-type as the chosen mod
    - the Counter-Command Tactical Console, Chronometric Capacitor, or similar (episode/reputation reward consoles which are specifically tactical AND part of a set AND include damage-type weapon boosters).

    DO NOT use +Beam or +Cannon type tactical consoles. They are inherently less efficient than the energy-specific consoles.
    DO NOT use Tactical console slots for Universal consoles.

    6. Tactical BOFF abilities should include Tactical Team. Your top two Tactical BOFF abilities should be some combination of: either Beam Fire at Will OR Cannon Scatter Volley (depending on chosen weapon style), and an Attack Pattern (Beta, Delta, or Omega). Third-highest should be Torpedo Spread, if you have chosen to use a torpedo and have room for four or more Tactical abilities.

    7. Science BOFF abilities should always include Science Team and if you have room for them, Hazard Emitters and/or Polarize Hull.

    8. Engineering BOFF abilities should always include Engineering Team and, if you have room for it, Emergency Power to Weapons.

    9. Seek out equipment (universal consoles, science consoles, engineering consoles, deflectors, shields, impulse engines, warp engines) which have some of the following boosters: +All Damage, +Damage for your chosen weapon types, +Critical Hit Chance, +Critical Severity, +Turn Rate, + Power Transfer Rate, +All Damage Resistance, +Hull Capacity, +Shield Capacity, -Weapon Energy Cost, +Weapon Firing Speed, -Bridge Officer Cooldown. In some cases, these stats can also be found as 2-piece or 3-piece set bonuses.

    Of special note: Fleet Colony deflectors, and any warp core with a +Power Transfer Rate modifier.

    NOTE: STO thrives on synergy. There is not a single piece of equipment, a single ship, etcetera, that is "the best". For best results, you will want to find the things that contribute the most to your build choices. For example, a +Phaser Damage bonus is not useful if your weapons are not Phaser type, but could be rather useful if they are...

    10. All active BOFFs should have a "space" personal trait. (Bridge Officers have four personal traits, but many have four ground traits... these are not desirable for use on your ship, but may be retained for Away Team duties.)

    The best such trait is "Superior Romulan Operative" ("SRO"), which is often (not always) found on Romulan faction BOFFs; Romulan captains can easily get enough to run an all-SRO bridge crew. However, for non-Romulan captains, they must be obtained from a Fleet Embassy vendor, where only Tactical BOFFs are available with this trait (specifically, only the blue-quality male, though you may purchase multiple copies). This means that non-Romulan captains will need to look at BOFFs with other space traits.

    Jem'Hadar Vanguard BOFFs (from the Gamma expansion pack) have a space trait, "Engineered Soldier" (Space), which is effectively a combination of half-strength SRO and a weapon-only damage boost. This is the second-best space trait after SRO, and for non-Romulans, the science and engineer JHVs are the best available option. NOTE: this trait is not found on standard Jem'Hadar officers (the episode reward one and the ones given to starting Jem'Hadar characters), which only have ground traits.

    Other useful space traits include:

    - "Pirate". Klingon captains can easily get many of these, as Nausicaans always come with this trait; Federation captains may get one Nausicaan BOFF as a reward for reaching 100,000 Diplomacy duty officer points. There is also an episode-reward officer, the Hierarchy Science officer (Delta episode "Alliances") who has both "Pirate" and "Efficient", making him the best free Bridge Officer in the game (for non-Romulan captains).
    - "Kentari Ferocity". Available only on Kentari BOFFs, purchased from Fleet Colony, not stackable (so only get one).
    - "Temporal Engineering", "Temporal Applied Sciences", "Temporal Tactics". Found on profession appropriate Krenim BOFFs, purchased from Fleet Research Lab.

    (That is not a complete list.)

    Other BOFFs with an assortment of other space traits are available via duty officer recruiting assignments (random BOFFs with "Efficient" are available for both factions, and Human Fed officers come with "Leadership") or via fleet vendors (especially at the Embassy, K-13, and Colony), and also via the CStore (individually or included in purchasable expansion packs). NOTE: K-13 Human officers come with "Leadership", while other K-13 officers do not.
  • seaofsorrowsseaofsorrows Member Posts: 9,414 Arc User
    edited October 22
    That guide above is great and should help you out a lot.

    As westmetals said, any T6 ship is fine for content.. go through the guide and then if you want to pick up a T6 ship maybe let us know what ship you like and we can give build help for that ship. This game isn't so difficult that only certain items will do or only certain ships will work. They will all work and work well.

    When deciding on a ship the best thing to do is pick the ship you want and then tailor the build to that ship.

    If you're unsure what ship you like, let us know what style you prefer and we can suggest options. Do you like beams or cannons? Do you prefer to zip around the screen quickly, hit hard and get out? or do you prefer a larger ship that wades into the middle of the battle and opens fire? Do you prefer tactical style of game play? Engineering? Science?

    If you could answer this then we can select a good ship for your style. Once we have that, we can give build advice for that particular ship.
    Discovery is good, it's you that sucks.
  • vetteguy904vetteguy904 Member Posts: 3,039 Arc User
    and check STOacademy's builds for ideas.

  • erias#8279 erias Member Posts: 1 New User
    Hi I'm new here so I don't have the right to make new posts yet and this seems about the right place to post this noob question. I have a Mac and would like to play STO but I can't find anywhere to download this on Mac. I looked on the Steam platform but they seem to have only the PC version.

    Some Mac user could help me out here ?
  • foxrockssocksfoxrockssocks Member Posts: 1,720 Arc User
    Hi I'm new here so I don't have the right to make new posts yet and this seems about the right place to post this noob question. I have a Mac and would like to play STO but I can't find anywhere to download this on Mac. I looked on the Steam platform but they seem to have only the PC version.

    Some Mac user could help me out here ?

    I don't think there is a mac version. You can probably try running it through a windows emulator or whatever they do to run windows on mac. Try an internet search, there are probably places to find out more.
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