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Risian Kit frame nerfed from max+50% damage to only 30

willamsheridanwillamsheridan Member Posts: 1,184 Arc User
edited October 2020 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
No matter how many Risian Kit modules i have slotted my Frame only grants +30% Max weapon damage instead of the initial +50% if 3 Summer Event modules are used. Maybe i overlooked it but i didn't read anything about it in the Patch notes.


  • darthnovawavedarthnovawave Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    I am seeing a similar problem with my captains. I also noticed that at least one of my captains can no longer reengineer for the same mods as I had previously on other captains. It seems like [Kperf] is no longer accessible as an option for some of the mod slots.
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