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Missing items on 09/08/2020

sticker78sticker78 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
During the server login issues on 09/08/2020, I was trying to consolidate my Lobi crystals. I had purchased a lobi ship about a week ago, so I generally had about 200-400 remaining from the purchase. I bought the R&D packs that are on sale and acquired exactly 400 more lobi crystals. (10, 4 pack purchases = 400 Lobi Crystals). In the end I could not locate my remaining crystals.
While I was going through my toons, I noticed one of them had about 1200 Phoenix upgrades, with my Account Bank open, I double clicked on them and at the same time the server started to timeout again. I did get booted, but when I came back to the same toon, the Phoenix upgrades were missing to. (Fun bad luck LOL).
Anyone else experience this?
Thank you,


Nuff Said.


  • westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 7,495 Arc User
    I would check your character(s) for those Phoenix upgrades. They go to the R&D tab, not main inventory, when picked up, so you may have missed them.
  • goldenavarielgoldenavariel Member Posts: 108 Arc User
    I lost my Ultimate Tech Upgrade token from the Red Alert event that same day. I was trying to stack it on my existing Ultimate upgrades in my Account Bank and it didn't successfully transfer but it wasn't in my inventory (main or R&D) anymore either. I was able to move the Spec point to my account bank without any trouble.

    Things were a little laggy in the Romulan Command Center at that time. I had already rubber banded back to the transporter room a couple of times but I thought it would be safe.

    Submitted a ticket but it's apparently going nowhere, as usual. Guess I did that event for a spec point and 17k dil. Not a total loss I suppose.
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