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Auto-travel Hindering Tour of Galaxy

I know problems with auto-travel have been around for quite awhile, especially with it taking your ship in the wrong direction. My issue is that it randomly goes into a fatal counter-clockwise circle and ruins my Tour of Galaxy runs. I run one Fed and one KDF ship daily and the failure rate is closing in on 50%. ToG is/was a huge source of EC for me. I'm not rich enough to turn over keys for EC.

I'll keep better track of when this occurs if I can overcome my frustration during the runs. The most recent failure was after my ship left Arawath, slipsteamed to Algira, stopped slipstream then attempted to auto-travel to DS9. The fatal circle left then started; targeting new systems did not work and manual navigation would not work either = ToG timer runs out & full mission is not complete. I suspect slipstream causes a complication but I need to see a lot more data to know for sure.


  • rocketman33#0665 rocketman33 Member Posts: 41 Arc User
    Follow up #1:

    Since my last fail involved DS9, I went there (not in the Tour) and did a couple of tests. When I warped in to Badlands area I was 180 degrees from DS9, but the auto-travel worked fine turning the ship then sending it to DS9. When I manually parked due west of DS9, auto-travel tried to send me further west so I had to click a different destination then DS9 and it worked. I have no problem with this workaround.

    The other issue is the counter-clockwise rage spiral that kills my Tours. I suspect it has something to do with slipstream or aborting slipstream early but I need to do a lot of testing. My Miracle Worker is in slipstream mode most of the run so it's hard to tell. I experience this problem with both my Fed MW and my KDF warship.
  • rocketman33#0665 rocketman33 Member Posts: 41 Arc User
    Had several good days with no "fatal loops". I tried to minimize how much I used slipstream.
    Then today, early in my Tour run I was heading towards Iconia at normal speed & my turn may not have completely finished (I thought it did though) when I kicked in slipstream and off I went in infinite counter-clockwise circles westward. Stopping, re-targeting new planets, trying to manually steer all failed. I was at least a sector away when I hit slipstream. Finally (maybe the normal timeout for slipstream?) I put the ship in reverse and was able to gain control.

    I would not be so focused on this relatively small problem, but it's pretty much all I have left to do; grinding for EC to get a good ship. It's too frustrating to keep trying and I doubt I can complete the two quadrants without using slipsteam, which I'm now convinced is responsible for this bug.
  • stenor#4573 stenor Member Posts: 25 Arc User
    edited March 2020
    I've experienced this as well, few years ago. Gave up on it then. One of the reasons I bought my Dauntless was to build a Tour/Slipstream type vessel, no go...

    Edit: I'd like to add some other *buggy* aspects of slipstream/sector space travel. You don't get improved turn-rate when slowing down, even if you're completely stopped. If you're completely stopped you can't turn... why is that? I must assume it's a blind spot in the dev's attention, or too much of a bother to fix.

    If you can stop while in slipstream, why not turn as well?

    Another is; when using faster than normal warp-cores, like when you have a default warp of ~20 something, auto-navigation is screwed up. Auto-nav reduces throttle to half when doing turns, which is simply not enough with higher warp speeds. You'll fly in circle for a looong time.
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  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 12,286 Arc User
    Try to auto travel from K-7 to Nakura.
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  • texasredhawk#6620 texasredhawk Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    I usually try manually flying from location to location to avoid running into this same issue, but the differences in "altitude" of systems make it difficult. Wound up totally overshooting a location a few days ago because my map insisted it was right in front of me, but it was actually about 4LY directly below me.
  • rocketman33#0665 rocketman33 Member Posts: 41 Arc User
    Took a small break from the frustration & attempted two Tours tonight. Towards the end of the Beta tour I kicked in slipstream and before it finished, I got the "server timeout" death penalty. I started from scratch to try a different ship but kept getting the server timeout problem at login. I know the technical issues are not on my end (I've been doing tracerts for years) and it's not at the final stop either; this has been discussed by people more savvy than me. With this specific issue though, I'm having trouble consistently recreating the problem(s). It seems auto travel has some inherent problems and slipstream has it's own issues. I'm just giving up on the Tour of Rage, which leaves me looking for a different focus in the game, if any.
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