sci torp boat build

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someone would have links, or advices to create a sci-torp boat build. I find only old stuff (reddit or dps league)


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    I'm not a great source of advice here, although I do run my FT5-U Rhode Island as a torpedo boat.

    First piece of advice I'd offer is dump as much power into Auxiliary as possible, as Auxiliary is the primary power source for Science ship powers.
    You can take this from the power you'd normally allocate to weapons - you're a torpedo boat, and you are therefore not using any energy weapons (meaning that allocating any significant power to energy weapons is redundant) and you can therefore drop that to bare minimum in favour of Aux.

    Second piece of advice - decide which route you'd like to take in terms of Science powers. 'Megawell' builds are a popular build. This means generating powerful Gravity Wells that can pull enemy ships in and group them. This is benefical to torpedo boats as means that a well timed Torpedo Spread has greater effect, and following that with the new 'Delayed Overload Cascade' science BOFF ability (obtained from the Winter Event Store) is particularly effective. Its also sometimes helpful when you need to slow enemy NPC ship down for any reason, such as trying to prevent probes from getting close enough to heal generators in Infected Space, or keeping Klingon ships away from the evacuation ships trying to get to safety in 'Defense of Starbase One'.
    I'd also recommend Destablised Resonance Beam (BOFF ability) - again, this benefits from high Aux and partigen and affects multiple ships. Its pretty powerful when used right!

    However, if you choose this route you need to throw as much as you can into increasing your ship's Particle Generation ability. High Particle generation = pulling ships from a greater distance, as well as being of benefit to the Gravity Well's overall 'power'. This is acheived via science consoles(and universal consoles which specify that they benefit particle generation). The Exotic Particle Focusers from the Fleet Research Lab are the best option here.
    Also of note that there are some Starship traits that are of great benefit to these builds, the most obvious being 'Improved Gravity Well' (from the Andorian Chimesh Pilot Escort) which increases the duration of a Gravity well by 20 seconds.
    I'd also highly recommend trying to obtain the Gravimetric Scientist - Gravity Well variant DOFF, as the Very Rare variant has a chance of creating up to four additional Gravity Wells.

    Another option is a Drain build. Arguably less effective these days, but the principle is similar. You'd replace Gravity Well with Tykens Rift and Tachyon Beam and focus on Science consoles which primarily benefit Drain as oposed to particle generation. Needless to say, depriving an enemy NPC ship of it's shields is a VERY useful thing for a torpedo boat to be able to do!

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    You could also consider a transphasic/shield pen build. How well it works I don't know, but someone mentioned something like that in my thread looking for a Damar build somewhere down the page here.

    Another possible option is a drain build focused on shield destruction. Tachyon beam, charged particle burst, and the quantum phase torpedo+console are key here, but it definitely needs a lot of drain to be effective.
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    You could also consider a transphasic/shield pen build. How well it works I don't know, but someone mentioned something like that in my thread looking for a Damar build somewhere down the page here.

    Another possible option is a drain build focused on shield destruction. Tachyon beam, charged particle burst, and the quantum phase torpedo+console are key here, but it definitely needs a lot of drain to be effective.
    Excluding the Transphasic cluster its best to avoid all transphasic for anything but themed builds even for shield pen. Transphasic underperform in just about every way even shield pen. You can get better performance even for shield pen with Plasma, Photon or Quantum.

    Transphasic can be made to work it just doesn't have a functional use or advantage over the other options. Transphasic got messed up when the item cap got increased.
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    A Science Torpedo boat is usually also a Science Exotic boat.

    Key Ingredients for me:
    • At least 2 good front-facing torpedo launchers.
      • Gravimetric Torpedo Launcher (Dyson Reputation): It produces mini-gravity wells that deal damage based on exotic particle generators.
      • Plasma-Emission Torpedo Launcher (Crafting/Exchange). It produces mini-plasma clouds that deal damage based on exotic particle generators.
      • Quantum Phase Torpedo Launcher (Sunrise mission, play it twice to get the two-piece set bonus, either via console or the beam array). It drains shields (more with the 2-set bonus, and I think Drain Expertise helps, too), making it easier for your other torpedoes to hit shields. However, it's not what most people recommend as priority, but I personally use it a lot.
    • Tactical Powers: Tactical Team I, Torpedo Spread at the highest rank you fit.
    • Science Powers: Science Team, Hazard Emitters, Gravity Well III. Some might use Tyken's Rift instead of Gravity Well.
    • Traits: Particle Manipulator (Science R&D), Kinetic Precision (Torpedo R&D), Omega Kinetic Shearing
    • Duty Officers: Projectile Officers of some kind; Astrometric Scientist that spawns extra Gravity Wells (or, if using Tyken's Rift, spawns extra Tyken'S Rift)
    • Something to lower your cooldowns. All Hands on Deck + Reciprocity for example can work great, at least in PvE, but maybe you need some duty officers or Photonic Officers. What you have.
    • A good deteriorating secondary deflector and one science power at least to trigger it with. (Tachyon Beam does, has a quick recharge, and is low level - but it targets only one enemy.)
    • Stuff that boosts Exotic Particle Generators and stuff that boosts Control Expertise. At some point, stuff that boosts exotic damage (there is a difference. You want EPG to be at least high enough so that Particle Manipulator gives your science skills a 50 % chance to crit. Control Expertise increases the range of your gravity well. (IF you decide to use Tyken's Rift instead, you might want Drain Expertise instead)
    • Ferrofluidic Console (Terran Task Force): Highly desirable if you want to use more than just 2 front torpedoes or have good Projective Weapons Officers, since it lowers the shared torpedo cooldown.

    Additional Ingredients as available and as your ship can slot:
    • In the rear: Mostly (omni)-beam arrays to complete sets, or mines (ideally also completing sets). Since many potent science powers are forward directed, the rear won't see much use. Thanks to the new mine repositioning power, mines have become easier to bring to bear and might actually be more effective than other rear-facing weapons. Look particular for reputation items.
    • Traits: Ceaseless Momentum (Exchange/Na'Qjej Intel Battlecruiser), Spore-Infested Anomalies (Sommerville; Makes sense if you can fit a lot of anomalies and some fast-recharging science and intel powers to trigger it), Improved Gravity Well (Chimesh)
    • Tactical Powers: Attack Pattern Beta, Kemocite-Laced Weapons, Dispersal Pattern Alpha or Beta (only if also using mines)
    • Science Powers: Subspace Vortex (Anomaly), Structural Analysis (Deteriorating), Destabilizing Resonance Beam (Deteriorating), Tachyon Beam (Deteriorating), Very Cold in Space (Anomaly); Photonic Officer (cooldown reduction), Tyken's Rift (anomaly) or Gravity Well (anomaly). Probably only makes sense to have both TR and GW if you have Improved Gravity Well and have a scenario where enemies spawn in the same area (like the Kinjer Patrol or the Transwarp Gate in Infected).
    • Engineering Powers: Engineering Team, Emergency Power to Auxiliary, Emergency Power to Shields, Auxiliary to Structural Integrity Field
    • Specialization Powers:
      • Intel: Override Subsystem Safeties, Ionic Turbelence (Anomaly), Kinetic Magnet, Intel Team (mostly a trigger for Spore-Infested Anomalies, so don't prioritize it without the trait)
      • Temporal: Chronometric Inversion Field (Anomaly), Timeline Collapse (Anomaly), Channeled Deconstruction, Entropic Redistribution, Recursive Shearing
      • Command: Concentrate Firepower. (Works best against tough foes you take some time to take out. If you can use CFIII, you might want to ensure you have a very fast firing torpedo launcher in the mix, like the Kelvin torpedoes.)
    • Stuff that boosts Drain Expertise if you use any drain related powers.

    I mostly use my tactical slots to find other ways to EPG, Control, Drain, add some healing abilities, or boost otherwise my science abilities. I basically never use actual tactical consoles to boost torpedo damage directly.

    If you use mines, note that they benefit from buffs that you have on you when they are dropped, so if you're in some lull phase in a fight, you might still want to activate some buffs and drop some mines- they'll later still benefit from those buffs when you relocate them or they creep toward your enemy (like from the Console - Universal - Covert Mine Layer Suite).
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    I have only 2 sci ship the lukari ho'kuun and the eternal. As I use the eternal for an other toon, this character uses the Lukari ho'kuun.

    skill points used for exotic and control, torp, shield penetration, hull capacity, hull regeneration ...
    power auxiliary: 130/100, starship exotic particle generator: 449, control: 293, scientific readiness: 100

    doffs: i use gravimetric, torpedo, deflector officers.

    here is the current build of my ship (i use placholder for the shield, engine, warpcore: nukara and braydon). I don't know what i should use. Adapted maco 2 pieces set have a torp bonus, but the engine seems meh.

    I don't use drain, tyken rift or charged particle burst are used for the radiation damage from the secondary deteriorating deflector. I use the counter-command deflector from her previous ship (torp damage), but I can use an other.

    I have reciprocity, but i don't use it currently; I take too much aggro.

    This toon is my second oldest character, so she has almost everything unlocked (except the commando spec), all the reps are T6, all the r&d schools are at lvl15 (or more)

    ps: most of the stuff, that i read where e30ernest's post (reddit) and i know this build

    btw: thx for your replies :)
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    I think I would change out the LT uni for a sci. As you're missing something for cooldowns a photonic officer would be valuable, and you could throw in a sci team or tachyon beam or something else more expensive. The EPTA I'm not sure you need, maybe you could swap in an engineering team, or an intel team, which would help with your aggro issues.

    I'm not sure the chronometic 3 piece is necessarily worth it since your weapon power is going to be minimal so the clicky will be unimpressive. I'd look at replacing the torpedo with the gamma rep torp, as it is a 180 torp so it works much better in the rear. I'd like to fit in the Delta rep console for some more cooldown help, but I'm not sure which console I'd replace.

    Obviously you should consider 2 pieces of the temporal rep set for the damage bonus for your grav well and vortex. Another 2 piece to highly consider is adapted maco for more aux power and torpedo damage. If you wanted both, I'd say temporal core and deflector, and adapted maco engines/shields, though the deflectors are definitely something you'd have to take a hard look at.

    For traits, I don't know what you have, but Checkmate is ideal for a build like this if you have it. You said you have reciprocity, but if you did change your LT uni and pick up photonic officer you wouldn't want or need it.

    Obviously you'd want temporal specialization as one of your specs. I don't think it matters primary or secondary. I'm not sure on the second. Miracle worker is always a safe choice, but command does give you some torpedo damage buffing.

    Naturally you want 3x torpedo doffs, Khazan nebula gives purples if you need to grind them and you should already have Law from Nimbus, but they aren't hard to get overall.
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    thx; I was thinking to replace the chronometric 3-pieces, so i'm confirmed in my choice :)

    my traits are listed in the link; btw I use intel (primary) and temporal (secondary), but currently I make tests with temporal (primary) strategist (secondary).

    oh! btw, i bought the fleet hernandez for having Torp spread 3, so I lost 1 lt science.
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    Concerning deflector, engines, core and shield slots, the aforementioned combination of 2 pieces from the temporal and 2 pieces from the KHG (adapted MACO) set is a pretty good old science build. I actually still use it on one char.
    However, right now, I would suggest using a Bajoran deflector reengineered for all EPG, and competitive engines, leaving the core and shields slots for 2 temporal pieces.
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    Define sci torp
    1st way of defining is using torps to buff your sci
    2nd way of defining is using sci/drain to help your torps with the shields
    If you want a torp boat on a sci/drain ship go with drain consoles with a quantum phase torp with torp spread with whatever other torps you want with tachyon beam and particle burst.
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