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Chase camera view, bugged

ayexeyenayexeyen Member Posts: 218 Arc User
I am trying to use the chase camera on space. Unfortunately this view doesn't work very well.
After a while, mostly at high speed, the chase camera become CRAZY and it starts to jumps from
left to right, making impossible to play. The only way to stop it is to click with the mouse/touchpad
on the screen in a similarly to when one want to rotate the view with the "free camera".
But this action defies the idea to have a chase camera, putting my hands on the touchpad is exactly what
I don't want. Has it been already reported? Is there a workaround?


  • psytce0002psytce0002 Member Posts: 155 Arc User
    The workaround is what you did, using the mouse and moving it.
    I know that this has been happening for a long time so not sure if they are ever going to resolve this bug because it doesn't happen all the time.
  • dariusturaldariustural Member Posts: 87 Arc User
    You could go into the game menu to Options -> Keybinds -> space keybinds and assign a key to Camera Target Lock. I did this for when the bug happens to me (The game cannot keep up with the tight fast turns).
  • phaeton#9727 phaeton Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    I believe that tapping "X" twice will solve that. It's what I do. I fly Pilot Escorts, and the high speed and tight turning radius confuse the hell out of the camera. Hit x to disable the chase camera, and then hit x again to re-enable it. At least that's what works on mine. And it's easier than grabbing the mouse.

    This has been happening for YEARS.
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