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Ghost of Jem'Hadar Doff mission number 5 not found anywhere for 2 years

captainnandicaptainnandi Member Posts: 6 Arc User
Does anybody know if there is a bug in the Ghost of Jem'Hadar missions? I have flown the entire Alpha Quadren for weeks on end and nothing. It is the only chain that I have left on all my toons. Please help.


  • kaithan1975kaithan1975 Member Posts: 516 Arc User
    It's there, just a royal pain to find. Try on the border crossing from Cardassia to Algira or in the Dubhe sector. It doesn't pop often so patience and check every sector reset.
  • anodynesanodynes Member Posts: 1,786 Arc User
    edited November 2019
    It took a few days of looking, usually checking during 4 of the 6 cycles per day for it to come up. You have to know the borders of the sector blocks within the quadrant, and the tricks to getting the blocks to reset. This is a good explanation, but some of the findings are a bit vague. His "mystery set" appears to me to just be a generic set of assignments for the quadrant, and is the same set, at least in my experience, as what you get when you enter into any part of Alpha Quadrant sector space from system space, or via transwarp.

    Long story short: The borders have been strange ever since the change, but you can learn to work with the strangeness, and even use it to your advantage to get extra opportunities for hard-to-find assignments. Once you understand how to use them, it even turns out to be better than the old sector block system, at least in my opinion, because you don't have to go through half a dozen or more loading screens to do it.

    Edit; For reference, it has always been a pain to get assignments in that chain. Here's a post from right after it came out where someone wonders if they're all broken.
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  • tobywitczaktobywitczak Member Posts: 206 Arc User
    Yeah a lot of them are bugged. Just keep on making cycles from DS9 > Phi System > Kalesta System > Defera System back to DS9 (this makes a diamond path to the left of DS9 with the Current Map Duty Officers open. When it cycles do a quick check to see if the chain popped up. You can also switch the map instance and different instance will sometimes have the chain and others not.
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