Defense Contract does not unlock Deuterium Surplus for Crafting.

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Per the patch notes:
After completing the mission "Defense Contract", Deuterium Surplus will now appear as a crafting option in the Engineering R&D School.
I completed the Defense Contract Mission successfully. No option appeared to craft Deuterium surplus.

Update: I tried on three additional characters and it worked each time (Rom Sci, Orion KDF Eng, AlienRom Tac). The difference may be that I didn't explode on any of those runs. First character through died from Feedback Pulse to one of the Galors and did not get it. Will try again tomorrow after 20 hour cooldown is up to verify.
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    At first It seemed to only not work on science characters. One engineering (Alien delta recruit) and one tactical character (Klingon delta recruit) of mine got it after completion while three other science characters (Vulcan/Romulan delta recruits and an Alien KDF regular) did not. But I just had another tactical character (TOS Human -- in a science ship, tho) that did not get it either. Really strange.

    Also did not get it on my final engineering character (KDF Jem'Hadar). So of seven characters, only two got it. In both cases each the first character of the two political factions (FED/KDF) on the account logged into and attempted with.
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    I did this on a Fed ENG toon. No crafting available after the mission.
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