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Risa rubber banding

stonecold59stonecold59 Member Posts: 64 Arc User
from day 1 the lag and rubber banding continues to plaque the game and this event..at any given time is it going to be fixed or do we continue to bounce back and forth all over Risa until this event finishes


  • alexanderb#7559 alexanderb Member Posts: 186 Arc User
    It's not only Risa, the whole game is lagging. Reported by many users / friends I know. I myself also experiences lagging on a lot of places.
  • iamynaughtiamynaught Member Posts: 1,285 Arc User
    Yup, not a new issue. Been like this for years on Risa. Granted, in years past it lessened and even went away most times, but there would be times when it was as bad as what is now the norm (for me) on Risa this year.

    And I seem to get it the worst when I'm around players using those new Impulsive floaters. I tried doing the events using the Impulsive I bought last year and rubberband city was all I experienced. Went back and pulled out my old "Superior" floater and a lot of the lag went away. Not all of it, not even close, but it went from unplayable to moderately frustrating most of the time.

    Not sure if those new Impulsive floaters are "too fast" for the old game engine or what, but it does strike me as odd that simply switching away from MY use of one helped reduce my rubberbanding, even if it was only slightly.
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  • taris10005#5669 taris10005 Member Posts: 83 Arc User
    Woeful lag on Risa and sometimes in space, but Risa has severe rubberbanding. The powerboard race is nearly unplayable due to rubberbanding, lag and the need to click the grab the flag button 80 times for it to work.
  • dariusturaldariustural Member Posts: 87 Arc User
    Yes, there is no "feeling" of lag....THERE IS LAG! Now, that being said, when is this tribble going to be improved? And no, we don't want our feelings on it lessened, we as players would like to see the issue lessened.
  • sgtfloydpepper#7911 sgtfloydpepper Member Posts: 1,100 Arc User
    I bet it's the artifact game causing this again like when they first released it.
  • fred26291#2759 fred26291 Member Posts: 1,064 Arc User
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