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[REQ]So after the current arc, maybe some more KT?



  • kodachikunokodachikuno Member Posts: 6,020 Arc User1
    nice list, but you might want to go over it, several of the items you list as options are in game already. like the KT phaser/photon and the bat'leth just as two quick examples :3
  • artan42artan42 Member Posts: 10,450 Bug Hunter
    nice list, but you might want to go over it, several of the items you list as options are in game already. like the KT phaser/photon and the bat'leth just as two quick examples :3

    If you mean the ship phaser beam then I didn't list it. I listed the beams from the Kelvin which are unbroken red beams not the red pulses of the Konni or Dreadnought. I also listed the Franklin's phasers because I can't remember if they are different from the Konni's bolts or not.

    If you mean hand phasers I specified the S31 phasers from ID and the new model hand phaser from BEY which is not ingame.

    You mention torpedoes as well which makes me think you mean the first one. I'm again referring to the Kelvin herself, which has a rapid fire dual torpedo launcher that fires little blue bolt like torpedos and red beams.

    I didn't recall the bat'leth at the time but now I realise I'm actually using it on my Fed Klingon BOFF on my AoY captain.

    Thusly edited:

    Prime stuff
    • Narada
    • Jellyfish
    • 2380s Romulan weapons
    • Kelvin, Franklin, Newton, Armstrong, Mayflower, Kobayashi Maru type ships
    • Kelvin and Franklin bridges and interiors
    • Kelvin red beam phasers and blue rapid fire torpedos
    • Kelvin shuttlecraft
    • Franklin red pulse phasers (possibly the same visuals as the KT Conni, I can't remember)
    • 2160s uniforms
    • 2230s uniforms, phasers and communicators
    • Ambassador Spock's clothes

    Kelvin timeline stuff
    • Correctly scaled (820m) Dreadnought Class
    • Correctly scaled (366m) Constitution Class
    • End of ID and beginning of BEY refit of the Constitution with different engine block, new pylons, and smaller nacelles (365.4m)
    • The Enterprise A refit from BEY
    • Salcombe type
    • Constitution interior (excluding the Warp Core and Turbine Control because those, we can all agree, never existed)
    • Dreadnought interior
    • ID EV suits
    • BEY excursion suits and ID flight suits, 09 Skydiving suit, ID copper HazMat suit, ID radiation suit, ID wetsuit
    • 09/ID dress uniforms (brown, grey, and black versions)
    • 09 Cadet blue jumpsuit and red dress uniform
    • S31 uniforms, phasers, and phaser rifles
    • Admiral uniform that works (fix the ranks Cryptic), and the dress version from 09
    • BEY uniforms
    • Starbase Yorktown uniforms
    • The million different medical uniforms
    • Removal of the sundresses from the game and an official retcon of 09 and ID to remove them and a destruction of any media that exists that point to them having ever existed. And whilst we're at it, an official removal of the dresses from TOS, TAS, DSC and TNG (yes, even the Skant). Skirts are for Gorn and Gorn alone (oh, and Scotty)
    • KT hand phasers from BEY, communicators, tricorders/scanners, and transporter effects
    • All three warp effects from each of the films
    • Klingon Warbird
    • Klingon D4 Shuttle of Prey
    • Klingon blocky rifle and backwards handled pistol from 09
    • KT Klingon skin colour, nose splitting, ears, hair, chin ridges, check ridges, beards and everything else you shortchanged last time.
    • KT Klingon scarves they wear as part of the uniform you shortchanged us on.
    • KT Bat'leth
    • Harrison's costume
    • The million different shuttle types
    • Yorktown Station and Stardock One
    • Altamid Swarmers
    Norway and Yeager dammit... I still want my Typhoon and Jupiter though.
    JJ Trek The Kelvin Timeline is just Trek and it's fully canon... get over it. But I still prefer TAR.


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    'This is clearly a military operation. Is that what we are now? Because I thought we were explorers!' Scotty: Into Darkness
    '...The Federation. Starfleet. We're not a military agency.' Scotty: Beyond
    'I'm not a soldier anymore. I'm an engineer.' Miles O'Brien: Empok Nor
    '...Starfleet could use you... It's a peacekeeping and humanitarian armada...' Admiral Pike: Star Trek

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