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Can’t Find Other STO Forums

I’m looking to post this in the Fleet-related forum, but NONE of the forums show up when I click “forums” in the drop down menu.

Internet searches oy give me this one.

I am looking to create a fleet.

Anyone willing to help found the fleet will immediately get promoted to the rank below mine (for a while, until we get to know & trust each other).

Fleet permissions will be generous & the fleet emblem & uniforms will be decided via vote between the founders.

I will be at the First City Fleet Ambassador at 1300 EST (-5 GMT). The character name is Neddess & she will be doing the “fan dance” to make it easy for you to identify.

Your help will be appreciated.


  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 9,268 Community Moderator
    Well, I've moved your thread to the appropriate subforum. Might want to rename your thread and start recruiting. Good luck!
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  • surfacewarrior#8890 surfacewarrior Member Posts: 46 Arc User
    azrael605 wrote: »
    Well, you clearly found General discussion. So look up at the top, see that line of text directly above your profile picture? It reads "Forums > Home > Star Trek Online General Discussion". Click on Home and scroll down, you will see the Fleet section down past Ten Forward.

    Um, yeah, I said I couldn't find it. The only way I can get to teh forums is on my Mac. On my phone, when I go to the drop down menu & click forums I get a page that is blank in the forums section. The only way I cold get to the forums was via an Internet search & THIS is the only forum catagory that comes up. Did you not read my original post, or did you not comprehend it?

  • protoneousprotoneous Member Posts: 2,807 Arc User
    The only way I can get to the forums is on my Mac.
    Is your operating system at least OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan? This is the minimum OS that supports a version of Safari that meets current standards for a web browser in a variety of areas. Best of luck with your fleet from a fellow Mac user.
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